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2022 Runway Preview: It’s back

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

(L-R Kyla Dodge-Goshea, Madison Cormier, Lauren Barbuzzi , Sophia Cannata, Madison Whiteley, Grace Redwine, Kim Potter, Chloe McAuliffe, Kaitlyn Duarte) Members of the Event Production class. Photo courtesy of Abi Brown

Mark your calendars— May 7 and 8 is the return of in-person Runway to Lasell!

​Fashion Marketing and Merchandising Professor Kristin Kinsky is teaching fashion event production, and working in tandem with her students and Fashion Design Professor Lynn Blake to pull off the first in-person Runway show since 2019.

This show will combine the successful virtual elements of Runway 2021 with the classic Athletic Center takeover the community has come to know and love.

According to Professor Kinsky, tickets will be first-come first-serve, and sold online for $27 each. The expected capacity is 400 to 420 for each show.

Kinsky continued to say, “how impressed I am with the fashion students, both the designers and the students in the production class. How, once again, they’re taking it to the next level, again, and just how much I love this course.”

One of the students of the event production class, senior fashion merchandising major Kaitlyn Duarte, is the video-editing manager for the show.​

“I basically oversee all of the video-editing that takes place. We actually just went through our first round of video-editing… Those will probably be up on the website for the first virtual show,” said Duarte.

Duarte also has a responsibility as one of the scene managers for the special occasion scene for the fall garments. Her responsibilities include making sure the scene runs smoothly and also which order the garments are presented in.

Elise Stanbury, a senior fashion design major, was given the role of senior show representative. While working on her own senior collection, she acts as a liaison between the event production class and senior fashion design class. Stanbury is excited to see the runway in-person again, where she will be presenting her senior collection.

“My collection is based off of the evolution of jazz and celebrating Black creatives. I grew up in a family where both of my older brothers are both musicians, so I grew up in a very creative and musical family. Now all of it’s just been inspired by them,” said Stanbury. “That’s kind of how I came up with my collection of staccato which is basically like hard hitting notes.”

“I really love, you know, working with the seniors, particularly this year’s group is, I’m very, very particularly fond of this group,” said Professor Blake. “And I’m just hoping that students will stay and support their fellow design students and come to the show that we have to be great to have.”

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