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A passion with purpose

For the past three and a half years, I have spent countless hours conducting interviews, taking pictures, and writing stories. While my friends went to the fun common hour activities and filled their days with homework, I sat in the 1851 Chronicle office and filled my free time with interview after interview.

Now that those years are coming to an end, I can honestly look back and say they have meant the world to me. From joining because of Professor Marie Franklin as a timid first-year to running my own section and then the whole paper, I truly never thought I would be here. Despite this, I have learned so much and made connections that will last a lifetime.

The Chronicle will always have a special place in my heart. It has made my college experience into something I am proud of and something that has prepared me in more ways than one to move into the real world.

The moral of my story with the Chronicle is to find something on campus to be involved in that gives you purpose. Whether a club that prepares you for your desired field, like the Chronicle, or something that is just for enjoyment, find your passion and dedicate yourself to it. Not only will it provide an escape or purpose outside of your traditional school work, but you will learn so much about yourself and Lasell and meet so many new people who will have such a positive impact on your life.

For example, I will always thank Professor Franklin for guiding me and having faith in me, even to this day. I will always thank Dan for stepping up to help guide us in a time of need. I will always remember all the AP-style tidbits Kait continues to surprise me with. I will always laugh at the jokes Pat and LJ share. Finally, I am forever grateful for Hanna, Harley, Payton, Michael, Elliot, and the rest of our small staff for stepping up when we need it most.

All these people are the ones here now, but I have these relationships and memories with everyone I’ve worked with on the Chronicle for the past three and a half years. I hope everyone at Lasell gets to be a part of something like the Chronicle. It has been great to me, and while I will miss it, the Chronicle is in great hands.

You too can be a part of the Chronicle and the amazing family and work we do. The hardest part is showing up, but once you are there, it is only a matter of time before you fall in love and begin to flourish.

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