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All about Abby

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

First-year student Abby Fortin is someone you have probably seen or heard on campus. Originally from North Smithfield, RI, she chose to attend Lasell because she was recruited to play for the softball team.

Photo courtesy of Abby Fortin

Fortin was pushed to tour the university by her sister, who attended eight years ago. “Right off the bat my tour guide was super nice and I liked the whole environment and I felt comfortable here.” By November of her senior year of high school, Lasell was on the list of Abby’s top three colleges. Once she met her teammates at an open house back in March and learned that the university offered her desired major of exercise science, she realized that this was the school for her.

One of the softball coaches, Hannah Delcervo says, “I, along with the rest of the… coaching staff, am very excited to have Abby on campus and starting her collegiate softball career. Abby is determined and works tirelessly all while keeping an upbeat, “glass half full” attitude.” Delcervo says, “We think she is a great addition to LUSB and we can’t wait to see what her future holds while she is here with us.”

Fortin hopes to become an athletic trainer at either the collegiate or high school level. On campus, Fortin is also a member of the Health Professions Club. She says that this club will give her “great information about my major and future profession, plus possible internship opportunities and a chance to talk to upperclassmen in my major.”

Fortin’s transition to college has been smooth sailing. She says, “the professors have been nice and they have made it easy for us to settle into our classes.” Fortin isn’t afraid to be herself, saying, “I will sit next to someone [in the dining hall] I haven’t met before and talk to them. I like making conversation and sometimes I sit in the dining hall for two hours just talking to people”.

Fortin’s favorite spots on campus are either Valentine Dining Hall or the Science and Technology Center, where she often gets her work done and catches up with friends passing by.

Even though many consider Lasell to be a small university, it is bigger in size than Fortin’s high school, making her experience meeting friends very easy. “There are so many people from different places and they can share their different connections with me.” Abby also says it was very easy to find her roommate, psychology major Sydney Katz. “Sydney was the first person I reached out to through the Facebook group and eventually we started Snapchatting and FaceTiming and I realized she was very much like me.” Katz shared, “I made a lot of friends through Abby, and the friends I have now are because of her. She is friendly and outgoing.”

Fortin is very outgoing, busy, and involved around campus, whether at the Science and Technology Center, Dining Hall or even in class. She says that you should not be a stranger if you ever see her walking around on campus. Don't be shy and say hello to her, she would love to talk and get to know you more.

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