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ALPFA grows with new key members

(L-R): Jeffrey Serrano Sanchez, Angelia Estrada, Aiyana Mercedes, and Ximena Mendoza.

Now in its 4th year of existence here as a chapter on campus, ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals for America), is expanding from becoming strictly a professional organization that helps the Latino population with resume building and finding a job, to growing the organization into empowering and developing Latinos, with workshops, events and networking events.

The executive board of the organization consists of president and CEO sophomore Aiyana Mercedes, vice president junior Jeffrey Serrano Sanchez, secretary and chief administrative officer freshman Ximena Mendoza, and treasurer and chief financial officer freshman Angelia Estrada. 

Mercedes said she hopes to develop the organization more through her leadership. Mercedes first became involved with the chapter during her freshman year after attending symposium and the activities fair. 

Mercedes thought it would be a really good opportunity to get involved and introduce herself to ALPFA Boston, the city chapter, as well as an opportunity to “Put [herself] out there with a bunch of different companies that would be attending the symposium and give me opportunities to kind of speak with them and tell them who I am.” 

As president, Mercedes has also worked to put on unique and culture belonging events, like a recent Bad Bunny music night held in the Arnow Campus Center, on Feb. 16.

“The mixer went really well for our first event. People loved the food and the music, we had a good amount of people stay throughout and just enjoy themselves to the music. We like to call it our ‘soft launch’" Mercedes said. 

Mercedes wanted this event to be for community building for Latinos on campus, “I kind of really wanted to show that having [a] community is important for everybody. Everybody likes to belong” Mercedes said.

DJ Prashant Haley with the ALPFA executive board. Haley DJed "Bad Bunny night"

While Mercedes said she hopes everybody who attended enjoyed themselves, she also believes the cause behind the organization is important for students to understand. 

“[ALPFA is] a helping hand out for people of a Latin background, primarily because that culture hasn't really grown up with, having to learn  financial or kind of job readiness or career readiness and professionalism” Mercedes said. “So it's kind of a helping hand to that community to help them grow and kind of make sure that they also have a fair hand and make sure that they can excel to what their potential is.” 

Freshman legal studies major Ximena Mendoza is the secretary of ALPFA and said she is hoping that the club is a good source of community outreach.

“There’s not that many Hispanic people in the school, so maybe bringing them together, having fun events, and making connections….” Mendoza said. “...I think that’s the most important thing in the organization, just making connections both here in Lasell and in other schools.” 

As Mendoza is hoping to help strengthen the community through ALPFA, she is looking to continue to build on the developing club. 

“I'm really hoping to form connections with students who are also Hispanic in other schools, and meeting them,” Mendoza said. “And I really hope we get to organize more events.”

ALPFA’s Instagram page is @alpfalu and if you would like to get involved with ALPFA, you can reach out to Aiyana through her email which is


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