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Baseball team glad to have grad Brad

Graduate student Brad Edwards on deck against Fisher College. Edwards went three for four and drove in a run during their first game of the season, beating Fisher College 6-1. Photo by Matt Johnson

Lasell University’s baseball team features a talented graduate transfer student in outfielder and star slugger Brad Edwards. Lasell is Edwards’ third school (the others being Montclair State University and Saint Elizabeth University, both in New Jersey), due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A byproduct of being one of the older members of the team is having a high level of experience and wisdom. Edwards has benefited from being a part of the baseball team, and vice versa.

“Having the level of experiences I’ve had throughout my career has really motivated me to come into an already unbelievably talented team, and contribute in any way I could to that success.”

Edwards has had many great moments with the team, despite only being here for a short amount of time. One moment was the game against Suffolk this year, where Edwards was recognized for competing most to the team’s victory. 

“It was easily the most proud I’ve ever been after a game,” Edwards said. Being recognized by his teammates and coaches as a key contributor is a big deal, and it speaks to Edwards’ great character.

With years of competing on the diamond also comes a lot of challenges. Baseball can be very brutal and unforgiving, so players have to be able to turn the page to the next game regardless of the outcome. Edwards is no stranger to this part of the sport. Something that has helped Edwards get through challenges on the diamond is remembering how blessed he is to be a collegiate baseball player. 

“The most important thing to remember is that every single day I get to wake up and be something people and myself dream of. A baseball player.”

As stated earlier, Edwards has a lot of experience. Playing so many games has helped him greatly not only when it comes to skill on the field, but also in life in general. Mental fortitude and finding a reason for wanting to play are two things that come to mind. 

Edwards stated that failing once made him scared to fail again and that this was one of the hardest challenges for him to overcome. What made him get over this fear was again remembering that he is blessed to be where he is, victory or loss.

Edwards also mentioned how failing seven out of ten times would get you into the Hall of Fame, and again brought up how unforgiving and unfair the sport is. Edwards eventually gaining the ability to turn the page and move on, rather than dwell on a loss, has brought him closer to the sport and the team. 

Edwards has worked hard to improve himself based on the mistakes he made in his career prior. Through these experiences, Edwards has become a better player and, more importantly, a better person. Playing and succeeding in a collegiate sport takes a special kind of athlete, and through his time as a baseball player, he developed into a better person.


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