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CAB and PRIDE shine during Drag Night

(L-R) Jenna Sargent, Hazel Nichol, Tessa Davidson, Ethan Doyle, Barbs Monahan, Savanah Brooks, Grace Holden (top), Hugo Hawes, Atllas Stone, Olivia Sousa, Jhulia Verdeiro, Carlie Leavitt (middle), Sophia Cuoto, Katie Brough, Mandy Brochhausen, Jacob Lustig (bottom), at CAB’s Drag Night. Photo courtesy of Mandy Brochhausen

On March 21, Campus Activities Board (CAB) and LU PRIDE hosted Student Drag Night in Arnow Campus Center. 

Roughly 70 students attended the event, which CAB co-president and sophomore sociology major Savanah Brooks considered to be a successful night.

“I would say this was one of our best turnouts of the year. Everyone in the crowd came in full of energy and support for the performers,” Brooks said. “I would love to bring this event back next year as well as the following. I don’t think CAB could have asked for a better event night.”

PRIDE president and senior biology major Arianah Rivera said that the performances were a unique way for students to interact and express themselves. 

“Events like this on campus give way for connections between all students while also showcasing the talents and creativity of the Lasell community,” Rivera said. 

The performers for the night included Barb Monahan as Ken Netration, Tessa Davidson as Jack St. Ripper, Ethan Doyle as Crimson Lake, and Hazel Nichol as Gandalf the Girthy, with Doyle taking first place at the end of the show. 

Monahan, a sophomore fashion design major, considered the event a success and was grateful for the chance to perform in front of other students. 

“The CAB and PRIDE teams were so incredible at making us feel prepared, comfortable, and fabulous,” Monahan said. “Many of us were first time performers and we are so thankful for the opportunity to try a new art form in such a welcoming environment while receiving valuable feedback for next year.”

Judges Area Coordinator Kevin Castiglioni, junior Alexa Pagan, and drag queen and alum Mercedes Benzover (Dylan Alves) graded the performers based on rubrics that CAB and PRIDE prepared.

Undeclared freshman Tessa Davidson said that the show was a way for the performers to express themselves as well as entertain their peers on campus.

“Being able to perform and meet everyone else interested in an art form I’ve loved for a long time was super rewarding and it was so cool seeing what everyone brought to the table. We all had wildly different acts but everyone put their all into making them outstanding,” Davidson said.  “It was just a fun night and talking to everyone after was amazing. Everyone was so loving and supportive, even after the show had ended.”

Junior Hazel Nichol performs as Gandalf the Girthy during the CAB and PRIDE Drag Night. Photo courtesy of Emmett Anderson

CAB and PRIDE have previously collaborated on the Spring Drag Show, but this is the first event where students had the opportunity to get involved as performers. 

Sophomore entertainment media major and CAB Vice President of Tunes, Tournaments, and Trips Jenna Sargent said that this event offered a more student-centered spin on the typical drag show students previously have seen from CAB.

“We want to ensure that we are student-focused and that this event truly encompasses that value, with student performers and students planning and executing the event,” Sargent said. “It is also something no one has seen done at Lasell yet, and we love bringing new and vibrant events onto campus.”

Brooks said that collaborating with PRIDE helped the event to run smoothly.

“Working with another club on these details allows us the chance to hear other opinions and gives us more options for these choices, which is amazing,” Brooks said. 

Brooks said that the event was as focused on inclusion as it was on providing a fun activity for students.

“We wanted to create a safe place for everyone, the performers and audience, and just hoped for everyone to enjoy themselves.”


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