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CAB Spring Week brings cosmic fun to campus

Top (L-R) Savanah Brooks, Mandy Brochhausen, Emma Willman, Jenna Sargent, Grace Holden, Jacob Lustig, Jayda Torres. Bottom (L-R) Carlie Leavitt, Katie Brough at the comedy show. Photo courtesy of CAB

On April 15-20, Campus Activities Board (CAB) hosted Spring Week, a series of events for students to enjoy as the semester draws to a close. 

Spring Week holds some of the group’s biggest events for the academic year, and this time is showing students how “out of this world” on-campus events can be.

With five consecutive days that tote a total of six events, Spring Week offers something for everyone to enjoy. This year’s series of events is sticking to an extraterrestrial theme, with starry advertisements and activities. 

Starting quickly after the campus-wide celebration of the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 15, CAB organized a Tuesday evening comedy show with actress and comedian Emma Willman.

CAB Vice President of Laughs and Crafts Katie Brough expressed her excitement about the results of the event. “The comedy show this year turned out amazing!” says Brough. “The process of finding a comedian was super fun. I spent a lot of time watching a lot of funny comedians, but I wanted to find the right one for our campus and I hope I did!”

Wednesday, April 17 brought the cosmos to campus with Space Bingo, where students played to win various high-ticket items, including Lego sets, craft kits, a TV, and a Meta Quest VR headset. Since it’s part of Spring Week, Space Bingo doubles as what CAB calls “super bingo,” as described by Grace Holden, Sophomore and CAB Vice President of Play to Win.

“I planned the Super Space Bingo for Spring Week. This will be an outer space-themed bingo, and with it being a ‘super bingo,’ there will be bigger prizes!” Holden said. “‘Super bingo’ has bigger prizes with a larger budget, and there are additional rounds of the game for more prizes.”

The next day, students attended another campus favorite: Stuff-A-Plush. The event was organized by CAB Vice President of Marketing Mandy Brochhausen and featured fantasy creatures including dragons, aliens, unicorns and unikitties for students to choose from.

On Friday, April 19, CAB hosted their fifth annual Drag Show. Organized by Co-President Jacob Lustig, this year’s event showcases a combination of well-known Massachusetts queens and newly-introduced performers.

The Spring Week Drag Show follows CAB’s Student Drag Night, which took place on March 21, and produced two new drag artists, Crimson Lake and Jack St. Ripper.

Top (L-R) Jacob Lustig, Jenna Sargent, Grace Holden, Mandy Brocchausen. Bottom L-R Katie Brough, Savanah Brooks pose at Super Bingo. Photo courtesy of CAB

The crowd-favorite student drag performers were offered the opportunity to perform during the Spring Week show after their triumphant performances in March, and returned to the Lasell stage with pride alongside veteran performers Mercedes Benzover, Phlegm Mignon, and Sterlyn Silva. A surprise, crowd-favorite performance was also put on by Co-President Lustig.

Sophomore Savannah Teixeira attended the show and praised all of the performers and their artistic choices. “The show was a lot of fun, and the songs the drag queens all chose for their numbers were so good,” said Teixeira. “I had a great time and I can’t wait for next year!”

Closing out the out-of-this-world week of events is a double-header on Saturday, April 20, featuring an afternoon tailgate and CAB’s annual Spring Concert with a performance by DJ SNAX.

Rather than finding a band or artist that students may not know, Vice President of Tunes, Trips, Tournaments Jenna Sargent chose to make the concert into something new. 

“I decided to do this to cater to more students,” Sargent explained the selection process of DJ SNAX.

“I also did this for the artist's sake. I noticed last year that there was a large number of students there for one song and treated the performers kind of badly for it. I want an experience for students where they can have fun without expectations from a band.”

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