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Dear First Years

Bikes turn to cars, juice becomes alcohol, teddy bears become your significant other, and classes become careers. If my experience as an undergrad has taught me anything, it’s that I couldn’t wait to grow up, but you need to remember, you’re still growing.

Revel in this period of life where you still have time to learn from mistakes. Have fun— don’t pretend you’re invincible. Don’t let anyone hold you back from making memories.

The pandemic took away great opportunities we are just now getting back. Take advantage of your in-person classes and seeing your peers and professors face to face. Join an activity, club, team, or do intramural sports to find your family on campus. Creating a circle of people you can fall back on is important when you're living on your own.

One thing I wish I remembered was that your past is not your present. Keep making your younger self proud, they would look up to where you've made it to.

If I were to do it all again, I would never say no to experiences. This is a time in your life you won’t get back. That being said, you need to be responsible enough as an adult to get your work in on time, go to class, and be a good student so you can do what really matters.

By the time you're a senior, you’ll realize life hasn’t even started yet. Take a breath. Get excited for this chapter of your life. Take advantage of every opportunity that is going to push you forward.

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