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Fall fashion trends 2022

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Graphic by Payton Hebert

As we transition to the fall months and discard our summer clothes, it is time to switch out tank tops for pieces that will keep us warm while still looking stylish. Here is what I think we can expect to see people wearing this fall.

Statement Boots:

Boots always have a fall vibe, but this fall, I think we’ll see people take a step further and make boots the standout of their outfits. From cowboy boots to boots with a chunkier heel, there are plenty of different ways you can experiment with boots to make them match any outfit.

Cargo Pants:

As trends have shifted from skinny jeans to straight-legged baggier jeans, it only makes sense to start wearing cargo pants. They are perfect to pair with a graphic sweatshirt or crew neck and elevate a simple outfit. Plus, you can’t go wrong with extra storage.

Leg Warmers:

Leg warmers are a perfect way to combine comfort and practicality with being on trend. Ballet flats have made a comeback, so I think leg warmers are a perfect trendy option for the fall.

Oversized Leather:

Looking for a stylish way to keep warm this fall? Oversized leather jackets are a perfect choice. Leather blazers can add a lot to a simple outfit, and I know I rely on leather jackets a lot to make me feel more put together.


Vests of any kind are taking off this fall. From sweater vests to puffer vests to plain v-necked vests, vests are such a simple layer you can add to spice up any outfit. Perfect for keeping you warm while still looking cute and trendy.


We have seen the Birkenstock Boston clogs gain popularity on TikTok for their comfortability, so it would not be surprising if people started to branch out to clogs beyond that. They’re cute and easy to throw on, and they match with almost any outfit. Plus, the neutral tones are perfect for the fall setting.


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