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Family and the future: Eftihia Fotos

Senior Eftihia Fotos is a member of both the cross country and track and field teams. Photo courtesy of Eftihia Fotos

When senior psychology major Eftihia Fotos’ parents were just twenty and seventeen years old, they came as refugees to America after fleeing their home in Greece that had been taken over by Albanian communist rule.

Now, the Auburn, Massachusetts native still considers Greece her second home, the country responsible for the two people for whom she credits her work ethic: her parents. 

“They came here with nothing and they worked for everything, and I’m forever grateful for that.” Fotos said. 

This work ethic that Fotos has inherited is something she implements in everything she does in her life, which does not go unnoticed by those around her, including graduate student Erika Oldham. 

Oldham has roomed with Fotos for three years, said that she is a hard worker, and is always a great supporter of her. 

“I couldn’t have asked for a better person to room with,” Oldham said. “She is a fun and adventurous person who strives to be at her best at all times. She is also a very hard working individual who is always on the go.” 

In addition to the work ethic she learned from her parents, Fotos also said that her passion for helping others is one that derived from her mother. 

“She kind of pushed me towards psychology too, because she went in for teaching,” Fotos said. “...I would go with her to school and I kind of just saw how much she enjoyed it and she just pushed me to do good in school and to pursue what I want to do.” 

As Fotos is deciding on where to pursue a master’s degree in psychology after finishing her undergraduate degree this spring, she hopes to become a school psychologist to help others. 

Fotos is currently doing her internship at Hyde Park in Boston where she works with kindergarteners through a program called Coaching For Change. Here, Fotos has found her passion for working in a school setting. 

“I like working in a school,” Fotos said. “I like helping people. I feel like that’s where I thrive best.” 

While Fotos is looking into her future post-graduation, she said that she encourages Lasell students to get involved in the community as much as possible. 

“Just live your life,” Fotos said. “Join a sports team…..Just live your life to the fullest while you’re here.” 

Fotos competes in the Beacon Invitation track meet at the TRACK at New Balance during the 2023-24 indoor track and field season. Photo by Bob Carbone

Fotos has spent the majority of her four years getting involved by joining both the cross country as well as the track and field teams, which she said has been one of her favorite aspects of her time on campus. 

“It’s a good bonding experience,” Fotos said. “You get really close with all the team. You make such great friends….I think it helps you mentally, just running helps me a lot and then just seeing your friends all the time at practice is just like the most fun you could ever have honestly.” 

Primarily a distance runner, Fotos focuses on the 800 and 1,000 meter dashes. 

Head Coach of Men’s and Women’s Track and Field and Cross Country Ben Biello said that the time Fotos has spent on both athletics teams has brought a great energy to the team, and that he is proud of all she has accomplished at Lasell. 

“I’m very proud of everything she’s done with the team and even more so everything she has achieved outside of the team along with that,” Biello said. “In the two years I’ve had the pleasure of coaching her I’ve been able to watch her grow greatly. I’m very excited for the bright future she has ahead of her.”


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