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Fashion Corner: Finding Personal Style

Graphic by Kat Kohtala

In a fashion world where new trends are popping up daily, it can be hard to find your personal aesthetic. Social media and fast fashion encourage us to over-consume micro-trends that are not sustainable, harming both the planet and our aesthetics as styles fluctuate wildly. What’s ‘in fashion’ is constantly changing, faster than most of us can track. In this landscape, it is more important than ever to develop your personal style that can withstand rapid trend cycles. The skill of personal style can not only help us feel good in our fashion, but can also help support sustainability and reduce our clothing waste. 

The first step to building any wardrobe is to invest in basics. Simple items such as blue jeans, plain t-shirts, or white sneakers will give you the building blocks to create stand-out looks. It is nearly impossible to put together outfits using exclusively stand-out pieces, but with a good collection of basics, you’ll easily be able to style the stand-outs as you find them. 

           Once you have the basics covered, you can start honing in on specific aesthetics that interest you. Imitation is a great place to start. If you see a look that you like, try to recreate it. Start testing styles with pieces you already own, and then decide what aesthetics you might want to invest in. In this way, you can find what you feel best in and work from there. To build a wardrobe that outlasts trend cycles, it’s important to focus on what looks call to you specifically. You don’t want to have to rebuild your wardrobe every time TikTok gets tired of a certain style, but to have a collection that you’re excited to wear regardless of what is trending. 

           Investing in looks you love will not only boost your confidence but also help the environment. Micro-trends, as encouraged by social media and fast fashion retailers, lead to over-production and consumption of low-quality clothing that is quickly disposed of. Investing in clothing you can love regardless of trends means you will wear each piece longer, reducing textile waste. You don’t have to be trendy to be stylish – you just have to be confident in your personal style. This doesn’t mean you can never follow a trend, but you shouldn’t bother investing in styles that don’t speak to you just because they are presently popular. Finding personal style is critical for anyone interested in stepping up their fashion game, or building a sustainable wardrobe. While it may seem daunting, with the right basics, research, and investment, anyone can create a closet they'll love.


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