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Final curtain call for five drama club seniors

The Drama Club has put on several successful productions in the last few years, such as “Rent” and original production “Snatched”. A large part of that success is thanks to the club’s five seniors; Cassidy Phillips, Kiersten Brown, Megan Doherty, Maddy Galant, and Geo Sylvester, who are now saying goodbye to the theater as graduation nears.

Club Members pose for a selfie backstage at their show “Playlist: a musical revue”. Photo courtesy of Cassidy Phillips

The club’s collegiate experience was capped with several memorable performances, each member recounting different standout roles. “My latest role of Grover [in “The Lightning Thief”] is something that I am extremely proud of. I have poured so much time, energy, and passion into the role, and it hasn’t always been an easy rehearsal process, so being able to see it all come together is so rewarding,” said communications major Megan Doherty.

“I think my proudest moment would probably have to be “Rent”. I think “Rent” has been a lifelong dream for me, since it’s one of my favorite shows. Being able to really tell that story of the culture of the 90s and the fear surrounding such a diverse, interesting community was really really special to be a part of,” said fashion design student Kiersten Brown.

Club President Cassidy Philips on stage as a member of the ensemble in “Rent”. Photo courtesy of Cassidy Phillips

Beyond just the tangible shows the group was able to accomplish, they were also able to overcome personal barriers by being part of the club. Club President and fashion design student Cassidy Phillips speaks to how the club has contributed to her personal growth, “I was a very shy individual coming into college, and I feel like the drama club was very welcoming and accepting and really brought me out of my shell. It has definitely helped me grow as a person and learn more about myself,” said Phillips.

But the aspect of the club that was most impactful for this group of seniors was the relationships they were able to form, both with the underclassmen and with each other.

“This year I feel more connected with my current peers and younger cast mates than I ever have before. We all feel like one big family, and we care about each other very much and enjoy the time we get to spend together,” said marketing student Geo Sylvester, who graduated in December.

“The community that we’ve created with everyone in the club is just so nice and friendly, and I’m just gonna miss having that family,” added Phillips, “It’s just nice to be able to connect with people and other majors, but you all have that like one thing in common, and that’s the love for theater and the show you’re working on.”

As the seniors leave a life on stage behind, they are also leaving the underclassmen they have fostered relationships with over the years. The club has reignited their passion for theater, which will not be easy to say goodbye to. While the curtain may be closed, the group definitely has intentions to keep in touch to whatever extent possible. However, they depart now with inspiring advice for the rest of their drama club family members.

One of the productions the club was able to put on was “Rent”. Pictured here are members performing the number “La Vie Boheme” during a performance in November 2021. Photo courtesy of Cassidy Phillips

“I want to thank the underclassmen for being so amazing and for always making me smile and laugh. I would tell them to keep killing it, stay in touch, and that you are all capable of so much greatness” said Doherty.

“Keep doing what you love, and don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough or talented enough because everybody’s unique in their own way and everyone deserves their chance to shine,” added Brown.

As for what Phillps has to say, she keeps it simple, “Stay strong, stay vocal, and stay unique.”


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