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Four standout seniors say final goodbyes

Photo courtesy of Adrianna Tassone

The Class of 2024 are just a few weeks away from walking across the stage and receiving their diplomas. Each academic school has a devoted student body, who have spent four years investing themselves in curriculum to get to where they are now, ready to graduate. Senior Adrianna Tassone is a Health Science major, minoring in psychology and surgical technology. Tassone is also a member of the cross-country and track and field teams. A unique part of this academic year for Tassone is the opportunity to work at Newton-Wellesley Hospital as a surgical technician, a job she eventually hopes to have after graduation. Tassone works at Newton-Wellesley three days a week where she plays a vital role in surgeries. “I am in charge of assisting the surgeon in various surgical specialties. One of my main roles is counting, passing, and being accountable for all surgical instruments throughout the case,” Tassone said. Reflecting on her four years here, with internships, classes, assignments and extra curricular activities, Tassone said that her experiences on campus have set her up for success in the real world. “Lasell has connected me with a hospital in the Massachusetts General Hospital family to complete my clinicals and gain a certification in a professional career,” Tassone said.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Soares

Senior criminal justice major Andrew Soares will continue his studies after graduation through Lasell’s graduate program. Reflecting on the impact the institution had on him, Soares said, “Lasell has helped me to create many professional connections, given me hands-on experience with the field I want to work in, and enhanced my professionalism so I can be ready for life outside of college.” Soares had a unique path during his four years here at Lasell. Starting his first-year during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Soares then decided to participate in the Lasell Works program during his sophomore year. He then returned on-campus for his junior and senior years. On-campus, Soares has held multiple positions, notably serving but notably, he served as an Orientation Leader for the Office of Student Activities during the summers of 2022 and 2023. “I enjoyed my time as an Orientation Leader and the memories and connections I could make with my peers and the first-year students coming in,” Soares stated. Soares served on the Student Government Association during his junior year as a senator on the Financial Services Committee and was a peer mentor and senior peer mentor for the First Year Seminar Program. A piece of advice that Soares has for underclassmen is to enjoy everything Lasell has to offer. “College is more than just higher education. It’s an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and further develop our character.” Soares wanted to give a special thank you to Senior Professional Academic Advisor, Victoria Turnquist. “If it weren’t for [Vicki] I would not be a student leader, involved around campus, or motivated. She is my biggest role model,.” Soares said.

Photo courtesy of Madison Brown

Sports management major Madison Brown is continuing her education with Lasell post graduation, working towards a master’s degree in sports management with a concentration in leadership. As for a career after her masters degree Brown says, “I’m hoping to get my foot into the sports sales role and working with ticket sales or something behind the scenes.” Brown said that she has learned valuable information to apply to the real world in her time at Lasell. “I had the opportunity to take an online class for sales and now I’m certified in a sales customer relationship management (CRM) software, that helps sort many contacts in one platform, I never would’ve thought I could do something out of my comfort zone.” Brown also plays defense on the women’s lacrosse team. She said that every day with the team is a memory she will cherish. “I love spending every minute I can with the team, they are the best, they are my girls and we got each other’s backs. This is my last time playing on a sports team, and I’m going to cherish this memory forever,” Brown said. As for a piece of advice Brown would give an underclassmen, she says to get involved around campus. “Don’t be shy! It’s not scary, trust me I made it through, and you will get through it too! There will be some nerves but there will be other people feeling the same way as you. Go to bingo, a sports game, a seminar. These are the memories you will cherish for the rest of your life,” Brown said. Brown credits her professors, the Academic Achievement Center, faculty, fellow colleagues, and her family for helping guide her and help accomplish her dreams and goals.

Photo courtesy of Sydney Veilleux

Sydney Veilleux is strutting down the runway one last time here at Lasell. Veilleux, a senior fashion merchandising and management major is bringing her four years to a close here, having made lasting impacts on the Fashion Department and the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Reflecting on her time here, Veilleux said, “My favorite memory from Lasell has been RUNWAY, I’ve loved seeing the shows and helping out each year.” For the upcoming RUNWAY shows on April 26 and 27, she is responsible for running both shows. Participating in the fashion department as part of additional programs such as RUNWAY and studio1851 has prepared Veilleux for what she wants to do after graduation. “I am hoping to work in retail management. The help I have received from my professors has been amazing and I would not have been able to do the things I did at Lasell that helped me get to where I am without them. Being able to be a part of all I have been on campus has helped tremendously,” Veilleux said. When asked for some advice to underclassmen at Lasell, Veilleux said, “Know that you will meet lifelong friends through this experience and to take every opportunity that is given to you. Things won’t be handed to you, you have to work for it but the outcome will be amazing.”


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