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Griff's Style Corner: White Tee

Graphic by Griffin Bryan

From iconic lyrics to the runway, the white tee has become a fixture of American and human culture. This simple garment has transcended from its original purpose of protection and become today’s go-to vessel for self-expression.

A white tee shirt separates itself from all other clothing because of its versatility, a white tee has the ability to be whatever you want it to be. White tee shirts have become the cheapest and most comfortable way to spread a message or promote an idea. They have become synonymous with movements, events, or anything that could use a little marketing.

When attempting to style a white tee shirt the options are limitless. An easy way to do it is by replicating the aesthetics of the past. Such as under a flannel emulating the punk and grunge styles of the 2000s, or beneath a leather jacket like the slick greaser styles of the 1950s. While it can be fun to dress in established styles we are familiar with, a white tee can do much more than that.

A white tee can complement any color or silhouette. It provides a base for outfits of any style. A white tee matches with everything in your closet. There is too much potential in a white tee not to experiment and discover your personal style.

With there being endless ways to wear a white tee the choices can be overwhelming. If you are looking for a safe option the best way to style a white tee remains with a good old pair of blue jeans. Tucked or untucked, this go-to American classic has defined generations and continues to be a staple outfit for anyone and everyone to wear.

The most important thing to remember when styling a white tee is that it is an opportunity. A chance to share who you are through your clothing. A white tee can be a quiet accent that allows the rest of your outfit to be amplified. Or it can help define your outfit or identity. A white tee is a blank canvas. A chance to share something with those around you. A white tee is yours.


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