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Harley's music mashup

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

This time of year gets hectic for students, with finals coming up, along with the everyday-stressors of being in college. The mix I’ve created is kind of all over the place, just like many of our lives right now, but I hope when listening you can connect with the music.

Graphic by Harley LaCardo

I'll Make You Miss Me All The Time - Dylan Brady

I can't help but imagine myself driving around blasting this song every time I hear it. The lyrics give a mellow vibe, but the drums and guitar in the background bring them to life. Because of the upbeat instrumentals, the song comes off as a more positive song. Pay attention closely to the lyrics and they show a deeper meaning.

Dance Floor - Marcos G

During the time Marcos was writing this song he had just recently gotten over a breakup. He has said how it was more intense than he thought it would be, and writing this music was a way of expressing his feelings. The song overall gives a sense of sadness with happier instrumentals. This track gives off a different vibe to each person, and although the lyrics are sad, this song can really make you want to get on the dance floor.

Worse For Wear - DURRY

I’m not going to lie, I’ve had this song on repeat for weeks. The lyrics talk about growing up, feeling unprepared, and scared. But honestly, although the lyrics are sad, this song makes me happy. In the background of the song, you can hear a woman's voice echoing what he is saying at some points. That tiny detail adds a nice layer to the piece and makes the song even more amazing.

Myself In The Way - Turnover

Turnover recently released a new album on Nov 4, 2022, and a song I’d like to highlight from the album is “Myself In The Way.” Put some headphones in and take a listen to this song. You may not like it the first time you hear it. Honestly, it took me a few listens to appreciate it. Although the lyrics don't consist of much, the instrumentals bring a dreamy vibe to the song and it’s very comforting.

When You Sleep - My Bloody Valentine

“When You Sleep”by My Bloody Valentine doesn’t have any lyrics, but it does have a nice instrumental to listen to. Sometimes I’ll put my headphones on and go on a walk and listen to this song. It’s simple and nice on the ears. Towards the end of the song, the instrumentals change and it’s a pleasant surprise.

Disguise - Day Wave

“Disguise” by Day Wave was released in 2017, off the album The Days We Had. This song kind of makes you feel like you're floating around in space. The instrumental is beautiful and relaxing, and the lyrics are comforting. One of his verses is, “I could be messed up inside, But perfect in your eyes.” Those lyrics feel like a warm hug over and over again.

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