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Inhaler Music Review

Graphic by Harley LaCardo

Inhaler is an Irish indie rock band that was formed in Dublin in 2016. The band consists of four members: Elijah Hewson (vocals and guitar), Robert Keating (bass), Ryan McMahon (drums), and Josh Jenkinson (lead guitar).

Elijah Hewson, the band's frontman, is the son of U2's lead singer Bono. Despite his famous lineage, Hewson has made it clear he wants Inhaler to be judged on its own merits and not just because of his family connections.

Inhaler's music draws from a variety of influences, including post-punk, new wave, and indie rock. The band's sound is characterized by driving rhythms, catchy hooks, and Hewson's distinctive vocals. Their songs often deal with themes of youth, identity, and love.

Inhaler has gained a reputation as a powerful live act, and they have toured extensively in Ireland, the UK, and Europe. The band has also been praised for their high-energy performances and strong stage presence.

In 2021, Inhaler released their debut album, "It Won't Always Be Like This", which received great praise from critics. The album features 11 tracks, including lead singles "When It Breaks" and "My Honest Face", and showcases the band's diverse musical influences and marks a strong debut for the young Irish band.

This February, Inhaler released their most recent album, “Cuts & Bruises”. I got the opportunity to attend their concert, and hearing them live was life-changing. I’ve gathered a few songs from their album that specifically stuck out to me and I believe are worth the listen.

“The Things I Do”:

The beginning of this song is blaring with loud piano chords, separating it from the rest of the album and giving the song a more funk-rock beat. When listening to this song, I am met with an overwhelming feeling of love and warmth, even though the lyrics aren’t necessarily uplifting. The use of piano chords and background beats change the whole layout of the song and overall give it a positive energy.

“So Far So Good”:

This song gives more of a rock vibe to the album. The use of the guitar and background noises, along with the lyrics, make you want to get up and scream. The lyrics are uplifting as well as the background noises, but there are moments of calmness, which I find refreshing.


The lyrics of "Valentine" are about a tumultuous relationship and the struggles of trying to make it work, despite the ups and downs. The song is about that feeling of wanting to be with somebody and not knowing if they're going to stick around. Overall the song has a great melody and an infectious energy.

While many have praised the band's songwriting abilities and dynamic live performances, this album marks a promising journey for Inhaler, and suggests they have a bright future ahead of them in the indie rock scene.


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