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Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Graphic by Pat Carbone

Keep it simple stupid. This mantra is applicable to several aspects of life, one of which being fashion.

Building a respectable wardrobe seems required at this institution. Whether internal or external, the pressure to understand and apply trends could not be more real at a fashion school. But with so much inspiration walking about, it’s hard to know what to fill your closet with.

Say you just found a patterned jacket at the thrift, and want to make a statement by wearing it out in Boston or around campus that week. What can help make that jacket the focal point of your fit, without leaving you looking flashy and tacky?

An aid towards that, in my view, is stocking up on plain, staple pieces. Not every piece of clothing you own has to pop. We all see pictures of celebs, influencers, and artists flashing their extravagant garments, but those pieces make up a small percentage of what you should wear day to day.

Focusing on rudimentary colors, textures, and designs will help round out your outfits. Invest in one-tone hoodies, t-shirts, pants, and more that can match with various other items. There are some clothing items every person should own. Don’t be one of the ones who doesn’t.


Buy a plain black, beige, and/or white hoodie. These three colors will go with just about any other color you’ll find in your wardrobe. Throw one on under a jacket to create some sensible, aesthetic layering, or wear it with some jeans or joggers to rock a casual minimalistic look. Either way, this will never go wrong, and will never go away.


Own several plain white t-shirts. You may have to rotate every few months, but these are a must. Under the hoodie, under the jacket, or stand-alone, white tees are timeless and versatile. Not to mention, a low-effort item that can be thrown on in a rush without fear of accidental clash.


Denim, chinos, and joggers/leggings are all you need. Find a pair of Levi’s in a wash you like, and buy them. Blue jeans have, and will remain an acceptable piece of casual-wear in just about any location on Earth. Double down while you’re at it, and snag a black pair— perfect for when you want to dress down a date-night look, or go out with friends. A pair of khakis will also never hurt to own. Whether it's work, an interview, or a wedding, khakis will be a good fit. Joggers and leggings speak for themselves. Get a black pair and enjoy having a versatile, comfortable option to fall back on.


Last but not least, don’t forget the sneaks. Shoes are subjective, but there are rules of thumb to guide your decision-making. My tip— be realistic. Keep in mind how often you would wear them, and how they would fit into your wardrobe. You could cop a cool pair, but watch them collect dust because you haven’t had the outfit to break them out yet. Don’t be that person. You don’t need a shoe for every day, you just need dependable ones.

Don’t get caught feeling stupid for stressing over the simple things.


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