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Lasell Day returns to in-person for accepted students

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

The Dance and Cheer teams dance in confetti at Lasell Day. Photo courtesy of Emily Stanley

Prospective students take advantage of lawn games and the student activities fair in the Arnow Courtyard. Photo courtesy of Emily Stanley

The Office of Admissions takes pride in Lasell Day, its largest accepted student event on campus. Lasell Day is an all day event that connects accepted students and their families with current students, faculty, and staff.

The Office of Admissions also hosts Laser Days, an event across three weeks filled with various classroom shadowing opportunities and ending with lunch in the dining hall. Lasell Day, however, is their most collaborative event.

“We have to work with basically everyone on campus in some capacity to get that event going,” said Emily Stanley, Senior Associate Director of Admissions.

With the university being a large enrollment-driven institution, events that get students on campus are incredibly important to increase chances of enrollment.

“Much of our revenue is based on how many students come here. So it is, especially Lasell Day, it’s an investment, but especially because we know that there will be a return, because we yield so highly from that event specifically,” said Stanley.

She continued, “we do of course keep our budget that we get in mind and thankfully we’re able to work with everyone on campus like dining and Patrick O’Connor, [Director of Conference and Auxiliary Services].”

The event thrives the most off of the students already on campus that come and volunteer to pass on what they know to the incoming class.

“Basically everyone at Lasell Day is someone that they would interact with or might potentially interact with in their future. The fact that everyone that they might possibly interact with is willing to show up on a Saturday and talk to them, and they’re happy about it? That’s just a small testament to what they would experience at Lasell as a whole,” said Stanley. “I would hope that they would see just from the four or five hours that they’re on campus that we do care a lot about our students, even if they haven’t enrolled yet.”

Helping out on Lasell Day are Blue Key Society (BKS) members. BKS members are student representatives who work for the university.

While some of their responsibilities are tasks around the office, and guiding tours to prospective students and families, they also attend accepted student events such as Lasell Day.

Junior management and marketing major Michael Woo has not attended an in-person Lasell Day since he was an incoming student. He represented BKS at a student-to-student panel in the Arnow Campus Center.

“It’s an opportunity for admitted students to ask questions to current students. It’s a really student to student panel,” said Woo. Woo was excited to be able to see the students in person and express why he chose Lasell.

Senior elementary education major Melaney Jenkins is another BKS member that was excited to see the accepted students visit and she hoped they took a lot away from the event.

“I think as current students we forget why we chose Lasell and what makes us different. The admissions staff does an incredible job in making sure that all students and their families felt just as welcomed too,” said Jenkins. “Lasell should really be your home away from home!”

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