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Lasell's own runs the Boston Marathon

L-R: Kassie Fisher, Trevor Lopinsky, Sarah Mendes and Sydney Veilleux with Meghan Flaherty at mile seventeen of the Boston Marathon. Photo courtesy of Isabelle Conway

On April 15, the 128th Boston Marathon took place. Lasell’s Assistant Director of Admissions, Meghan Flaherty, participated in this year's marathon and completed the marathon in five hours and thirty minutes. 

Flaherty has always been a runner, where she occasionally goes for three to five mile runs but has never done anything longer than a half marathon before this year. “My sister, Keira, and I have always had the dream to run ever since watching my dad run a handful of times growing up. I never thought I’d actually have the opportunity to do it myself! Watching from the sidelines for so many years truly inspired me to do it one day” says Flaherty when asked what inspired her. 

In the future, Flaherty says if asked before the marathon whether she would run another one or not, she would have quickly said no. “But now that I’ve done it once and have felt the emotions and experienced running down Boylston, I would 100% do Boston again!” says Flaherty. 

Although difficulties arose from the hot weather after training for months in twenty-forty degree temperatures, it went well overall for her and hearing the crowds cheer for all the runners helped her persevere. “There were a few different things that kept me going,” says Flaherty. “Running with my sister helped push both of us to the finish. It was great to have someone next to me the whole time! Knowing I was coming up on Lasell and seeing the students I work with helped push me to mile seventeen, then their energy kept me going up Heartbreak Hill! And of course, seeing my family at the finish line knowing I’m about to complete a life goal of mine helped to carry me through.” 

Blue Key Society ambassadors Veilleux and Fisher pose with a hand-drawn sign for Flaherty. Photo courtesy of Isabelle Conway

Flaherty had many Lasell students cheering her on as she reached mile seventeen. Many of the students work with Flaherty in the admissions office so they were excited to be able to cheer her on. 

Junior fashion design and production major, Kassie Fisher, is one of the students who works with Flaherty and was able to watch her in action. “Overall watching the runners all day is fun, however it is especially exciting when you know someone running,” says Fisher. 

“A bunch of us all gathered at the side to cheer her on with signs as she ran by and handed off some snacks and water to keep her going. The excitement grew as we were tracking her on the app and keeping an eye out to get her attention as she approached. We all felt it was important to show her our support and love,” Fisher says.


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