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Lasers march past Saints

The women's volleyball team won a highly anticipated matchup against Emmanuel College 3-1 Wednesday night. The victory would add to the Laser’s historic 15-game winning streak.

The start of the first set was all Lasers as they jumped out to a 7-2 lead forcing the Saints to call a timeout early. The timeout would not help the Saints as the Lasers would continue to dominate the Saints and pull out to a 15-8 lead.

It looked like the Lasers were going to cruise through the set until the Saints called a timeout in hopes of changing the momentum. This Saints timeout would change momentum for them as they went on a 6-2 run to cut the Laser lead to 3 before the Lasers had to use a timeout.

The rest of the set would be back and forth for both teams, but the Lasers shut it down taking the first set on a kill from first-year outside hitter Isabelle Borowinski.

The Lasers dominated the second set. They started with a 10-4 lead over the Saints until they used their first timeout.

The timeout didn’t have the same magic the first one did as the Lasers would continue to dominate the set. The Saints would continue to struggle in the set helping the Lasers roll to a 25-15 set score.

During the third set, the Saints snagged the first point, but the Lasers managed to find their rhythm, going on a 9-3 run which forced a timeout for the Saints. The Saints managed to get back into the set through a quick 4-0 run cutting the Laser lead to 9-7. Despite losing the first two sets, it seemed the momentum was with the Saints going forward.

The set rocked back and forth for a while as both teams battled constantly, but after a Saints timeout, Coach Vautrin’s team could not keep up with the Saints, as they would take control and win the third set 28-26.

The fourth set would have an identical start as the last set with the Saints getting the first points, while the Lasers went on a run taking a 16-9 lead. The Lasers continued to stay in form as they dominated the Saints for most of this set.

The Saints made it interesting as they came marching back closing the deficit to three points and forcing the Lasers to call a timeout.

Fortunately for the Lasers, they only needed one more point as they led 24-21. The game-winning point fell into the hands of McCool who would get the kill for the Lasers to take the victory.

After the game, McCool shared her thoughts on the team’s mindset and play throughout the match.

“The energy on our bench was amazing. This was our game. We just needed to dial in and push through,” said McCool.

With many expectations attached to being a championship-contending team, McCool added that the Lasers need to lock in and focus come playoff time.

“I'm expecting everyone to put in 100% effort, win or lose,” said McCool. “We need to work together as a team and focus on everything that we've been working on at practices.”

The Lasers, 17-1, will look to continue their dominance back in the Athletic Center on Saturday, Oct. 11 against Westfield State University. The match will begin at 1:00 p.m.


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