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Leave the home out of homework

​​In high school, the word homework made sense because, well, we did our homework at home. Now that we are in college, I argue that homework should be done anywhere but our homes. Thanksgiving break is one of the few times in the entire semester that students get to be home, and work should be kept out of that.

Being home is the perfect time for students to prioritize themselves, and they should be al- lowed to do that in whatever capacity possible. Students should relax and enjoy that time and give themselves a mental break surrounded by the things they love. I think that bringing homework into that equation is asking students to carry their stress into a time that should be stress-free, which denies them the “break” that is promised of Thanksgiving break.

Beyond just a mental health break, Thanksgiving break can be a busy time for students who are trying to do everything they can in their limited time at home. My Thanksgiving break, for example, will be spent working as many shifts as I can, as well as my Thanksgiving Day and “Friendsgiving” plans.

We have lives beyond the title of students, and we have other obligations outside of school that are important to us. For once, we should be allowed the opportunity to focus on those other obligations without also balancing schoolwork.

I understand that professors have a lot of material they must get through in a few months and that a break may interrupt that, but I argue that that is something professors should account for when they plan their courses at the beginning of the semester. Thanksgiving break is not a new concept, so professors can anticipate one less week of work to give students a chance to spend time with their families. Not to mention it’s also a break for professors, so by assigning work that they must grade, they are denying themselves of their family time as well.

Assigning work in a time meant for rest and relaxation is denying students a chance to have time outside of school. In the period between midterms and the lead-up to finals, stress can be at an all-time high, and Thanksgiving allows them a reprieve from all of that. The only expectation for students should be for them to enjoy that time, instead of expecting that they overwork themselves during what is supposed to be a break.


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