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Limited language learning

When I applied here I was thrilled to learn that I didn't need to take a second language. My high school required students to take a language every year, and at the time I did not enjoy it. I struggled in my Spanish and Italian courses and was glad that my major did not require a language. As I have gotten older I have realized that while I didn't like learning a language in high school, knowing a second language is incredibly important and I wish that Lasell had more language-learning opportunities.

The U.S. Census Bureau reported in 2016, that 528,324 Massachusetts residents over 18 speak limited English. Not having the basic foundation of a language leaves a massive gap in communication as we enter the workforce. According to Lasell’s course catalog, the school offers Spanish, Arabic, American Sign Language (ASL), and French. However, only Spanish and ASL were offered for the fall semester. The option to learn a language is there, but the availability and options are limited.

Though the school offers a wide variety of courses, it still is difficult to understand why some majors require a language while others don't. We live in a diverse country that is essentially a melting pot of culture. I understand that English is the language spoken by the majority of the country, but we should still be able to communicate with people that do not speak English.

Some students may not want to learn a second language, while others may already speak another. However, students who are not required to learn a language for their major should have more options for language learning that will not take a spot in a course from students who are required. I hope that in the future students will have additional options for learning a language so that we can continue to form bonds within the community and after we graduate.

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