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Marcus Lewis goes off in win

The men’s basketball team defeated the Colby-Sawyer Chargers Thursday night, as junior guard Marcus Lewis scored 35 points, just one point shy of his career-high. The Lasers went down early, and it seemed that a loss was brewing, even though the game was just beginning. The Chargers came right out of the gate with a stiffening defense, which led to high tensions on the Lasers’ sideline.


Once Head Coach Aaron Galletta began making adjustments, the match got closer. Shots were starting to fall, and the team was playing with speed, anticipation, and toughness on defense. The Lasers’ big men were able to contribute constantly by protecting the rim and setting tough screens, while their guards also wanted a piece of the pie, launching a flurry of threes to give the Chargers trouble. Although the Lasers’ were heating up from beyond the arc, they never once abandoned the mid-range game.

By the end of the first half, Lewis had 19 points. Most of the Lasers’ points were made in the paint, but it seemed like the entire floor was a hot zone anyway. The Lasers maneuvered the ball into the post which led to constant visits to the free throw line. First-year guards Andy Madesko and Che Hanks continued to supplement the team with scoring opportunities. Meanwhile, balanced usage throughout the lineup made it so the whole team was settled in and on the same page. 

Both teams exemplified excellent team chemistry from warmups to the final buzzer. Midway through the second half, however, the Chargers were forced to play catch-up. The Lasers made it known on defensive sequences that they were ready for anything, and more importantly, they were focused on playing smart basketball. With the Chargers running on fumes, Hanks stayed aggressive and delivered several clutch free throws down the stretch. As the final buzzer sounded, the Lasers won 90-80.


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