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Meet your new RAs (Part 2)

This year the Office of Residential Life gained 26 new resident assistants (RAs). This week, three new RAs from Bragdon Hall, West Hall, and McClelland Hall will be introduced.

Kaylee Arvayo-Bickford: Bragdon, third floor

Kaylee Arvayo-Bickford stands in front of Bragdon Hall. Photo by Hanna Babek

Kaylee is a senior psychology major and serves as the Senior Class President in Student Government Association and the Class of 2023 Committee. In her free time she enjoys online shopping and hanging out with friends. She wants her residents to know that she is very outgoing and loves to dance.

Keyle Pacaja: West Hall, third floor

Keyle is a sophomore marketing major and is also a member of the Honors Program. She enjoys working out, listening to Olivia Rodrigo, hanging out with friends, and going into the city. Pacaja wants her residents to know that they can go to her for anything. She says, “I want them to know that I wouldn’t mind if they had hangouts in their dorms or common area. Ever since COVID we've lost so much interaction with each other, and I want the floor to be fun and alive.”

Keyle Pacaja stands in front of her bulletin board in West Hall. Photo by Hanna Babek

Paige Jette: McClelland Hall, fourth and fifth floors

Paige is a sophomore business management major who plays field hockey and softball. When she’s not playing sports, Jette is studying in the library, going on walks around campus, and hanging out with friends. She wants her residents to be aware of the many resources available to them, saying, “Things such as the Counseling Center, the Laser Support Line, the Career Center, the Academic Achievement Center, I mean I could go on and on, but those are just some examples that people don’t take advantage of and they really should.”

Paige Jette stands outside the front door of McClelland Hall. Photo by Hanna Babek


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