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Men’s volleyball tames Lions in straight sets

On Tuesday night, the men’s volleyball team put together a triumphant effort against the 6-2 Eastern Nazarene Lions, defeating them three sets to none. 

The Lasers went into the match with astounding confidence. The first set began with a 6-4 Laser lead and it appeared destined that Lasell was in for a good night. Leading by as many as six points, the Lasers displayed great anticipation and teamwork. Lasell was able to put away the Lions rather quickly in the first to help set the tone for the rest of the match. 

At the start of the second set, the Lions came out aggressively, playing much cleaner volleyball. They were able to gather a small lead early on, but the Lasers had an answer. Using their home court to their advantage, the Laser faithful gave them a much-needed jolt.

Throughout the remainder of the match, every member of the Lasers had each other’s back. Regardless if the player was a starter or sub, after every success or mistake, the team just kept moving forward. Lasell went ahead to take the second set 25-17. 

During the third set, communication became paramount, especially for the Lions. Tied 8-8, the Lasers jumped ahead by a few points, but a couple of costly mistakes let the Lions back into the set. Both teams showed plenty of emotion down the stretch, both on the court and on the sidelines. The set went down to the wire, but the Lasers were able to finish the job 25-23.

The men’s volleyball team will return to action on its home floor, Thursday night against the No. 15-ranked Nichols College Bison. The match will begin at 7:00 p.m.


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