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Pipe burst closes Boomer's

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Boomer’s Grill saw an eight-day closure following a flood which caused water damage in the dining area on Jan. 4.

The closure began after record cold temperatures caused a sprinkler line over the grill area to freeze. As the temperatures warmed up, the pipes thawed and burst open causing a disruption.

Facilities work to fix the pipe that burst at Boomer’s Grill in Valentine Dining Hall. Photo by Kait Bedell

Boomer’s Grill is on the left side of the dining hall and is a location where students are able to get burgers, hot dogs, grilled cheeses, and various other fried foods. The site is open for late-night dining three nights a week, but was forced to close down as repairs took place.

Dining Hall Director Mike Quackenbush said the dining hall staff is “grateful to our team's diligence during this time.”

As facilities worked to resolve the issue, the dining hall staff worked to create other dining plans to relocate the grill until they were able to resume to Boomer’s.

“Our team was laser-focused on the health and safety of the Lasell community, quickly flexing for alternative dining and working hand-in-hand with university Facilities to make sure service could resume as quickly as possible,” Quackenbush said.

After cleaning up the flooded area and fixing the pipe that had burst, Boomer’s Grill was reopened on Feb. 13.

“We are happy that the cold snap was short-lived, and we look forward to warmer weather ahead,” Quackenbush said. “We thank the facilities team for all their hard work to get Boomer’s up and running.”

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