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Preparation ahead of Pub Night ensures success

(L-R) Mekenzie Barbosa, Emily Lifson, Isabelle Babcock Madison Nerich, and Alisa Xhabija gather together at Pub Night as the senior class committee. Photo courtesy of Thomas Morgan

Of all the events the senior class committee has hosted, the pub night seems to be a standout. In the course of the last four semesters, several pub nights have been held in Arnow Campus Center, most recently on March 28. 

These pub nights are an opportunity for students in the senior class to connect with each other. What sets the event apart from other social opportunities on campus besides its isolation of the senior class is the fact that it provides attendees with alcoholic beverages such as hard seltzers or beers, which students can purchase tickets for once they are at the event and provide a valid driver’s license. 

Director of Student Activities and Orientation Thomas Morgan is part of the planning process for these events as the senior class committee’s advisor. He said that the event planning process does not require much hassle. 

“The planning process is so simple. We work with Chartwells, and the biggest decision is deciding on the date of the event. We have tried to plan the pub nights around on-campus athletic events, so that we have the momentum from students who are already out to watch the game and then want to celebrate afterward,” said Morgan. “We start planning a few weeks out to ensure that we can get bartenders to work at the event and to ensure that DJ Pri is available.”

Morgan also said that there are certain cautions that need to be taken due to the inclusion of alcohol. The alcohol must be served by someone with an alcohol service license, and campus police must be present. Additionally, the area must be sanctioned off so that no persons under the age of 21 can enter, and snacks and water must be provided for the safety of participating students. 

With these added measures, Morgan said that they “have not had any major issues.” He also said that he believes providing alcohol for students is a good opportunity. 

“I absolutely think it is worthwhile and important to offer events where alcohol is available. For students aged 21 and above, the choice to consume alcohol is theirs to make,” said Morgan. “For those who do, it's important to provide environments that prioritize safety and enjoyment. Alcohol is a part of our lives, and my goals are to foster thoughtful decision-making around its consumption and underscore the importance of responsible behavior.”

Junior business management major Prashant Haley DJ’s the pub nights, which he said is a great opportunity for him to get experience and exposure. 

“I think this was a great way to grow my business, I saw myself gaining followers more and more each Pub Night, it also helped me get a lot more on campus gigs,” said Haley. 

He also adds that he appreciates campus coming together to appreciate his work. 

“[Student support] means a lot, I worked really hard to build a name for myself and to try and bring the campus together through parties and good music,” said Haley. “I think it’s important we have events like these to keep the atmosphere alive.”

While the senior class committee does not have any pub nights scheduled for the remainder of the school year, Morgan says he intends to make the event a priority in the planning process for next year’s events. He also would like to thank the senior class committee; Mekenzie Barbosa, Isabelle Babcock, Madison Nerich, Alisa Xhabija, and Emily Lifson; for “knowing how to make the events extra fun and encouraging people to come out and give this new tradition a chance.”


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