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Registration 101: A helpful resource for first years.

Graphic by Pat Carbone

Preparations for next semester began for all students as they picked classes they want to take when they return from winter break in January. First-year students who have never picked classes before attended Registration 101, a workshop for first years on how to successfully navigate the registration process.

First-year advisor Heather Flaherty said the workshop went well “Students learned how to use Self-Service and navigate the whole registration process. We had great attendance overall, we are always adjusting our content to try to improve the student experience each year but I am pleased overall with how this went,” Flaherty said.

First-year advisor Vikki Turnquist said that the First-Year Academic Advising team expanded their workshop to include more undeclared students “We added two sections for the undeclared students because sometimes they need a little bit more help trying to determine what their majors are like and what their major career interests are,” Turnquist said.

Turnquist adds that sometimes it is difficult to get first-years to attend events that end up helping them. “It's really hard to get students to go to things. So I think it took them a while to catch on that [first years] needed to go.”

Students have already picked class before the Thanksgiving break but this workshop was helpful for students who attended.

Overall the workshop went well Turnquist says, “I think we did a good job of really pushing it with the peer mentors, posting it on social media, but our numbers during the first week were a little low. Our numbers (in the second week) were full.”

“We had support from our fabulous advising center intern, Ava Gundal, and our Peer Mentors who were able to offer the student perspective,” Flaherty said.


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