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RUNWAY ready: Underclassmen fashion students prepare

Junior Maddie Young in the design studio, where she does the majority of her work. Photo courtesy of Hillary Gherardi

The much-anticipated annual fashion RUNWAY show will take place at the athletic center on April 26 at 7 p.m. The underclassmen fashion show showcases the work that the students have been creating throughout the year highlighting the talent and passion of Lasell’s fashion designers and models. 

Fashion marketing and merchandising professor Kristin Kinsky works with her students, along with fashion design professor Lynn Blake to piece together a successful show each year. 

Tickets will be sold online on a first come first serve basis for $35 a piece. The expected attendance for the show this year is just over 1,000 students, families, and members of the community.  

Senior fashion media and marketing major Kirsten Miller said, “There are a ton of different roles divided amongst the students in the fashion event production class. We have a student director, production assistant, model managers, social media team, behind the scenes team, ticket managers, etc. There are a few others such as music, hair and makeup, scene managers, and dressers.”

The show involves a great amount of production, also including outsourced people who are in charge of the lighting. Senior fashion major Kristina Powers has the role of Backstage Manager, while senior fashion merchandising major Daybue Hackney and senior fashion media and marketing major Chante Gregory are in charge of music.

Junior Clare Tonucci is another designer whose garments will be featured in RUNWAY. Photo courtesy of Hillary Gherardi

The journey from concept to creation involves countless hours of planning, sketching, and experimentation. Inspiration can strike at any moment and from these ideas, designs can be brought to life. 

Junior fashion design student Sarah Lapierre said, “I have faced many challenges since coming to Lasell. I didn’t know how to sew or do anything related to garment construction before I came here. It’s a difficult skill and a lot of work and I will always be the first to admit I struggled with it.” 

“It’s important to recognize this program is difficult and the students work extremely hard to present their designs for the runway,’ said Lapierre. “But the feeling of seeing your piece walk in front of so many people, seeing strangers take their phones out and take pictures of your work, I’ve never felt something so rewarding and special.”

The design process is not just a means to an end, it is a testament to the dedication and creativity put into the designs. Fashion design majors begin researching ideas for their collections in the beginning of the year and work throughout the school year to showcase their designs for Runway. 

Junior fashion design major Maddie Young said, “I try to tackle one piece at a time and check those things off my list. That’s definitely how I would say my process goes and a lot of people spend late nights in Donahue and I do that too. But it’s definitely like it’s a good community like everyone is there to help each other.”

Another RUNWAY designer, Sophomore Julia Cabana posing for a photo. Photo courtesy of Hillary Gherardi

Lapierre is excited to participate in RUNWAY again, where she will be presenting three of her pieces including swimwear, athleisure, and textiles. 

“I wanted to design pieces that showed people how fun fashion can be and how it can be used as a really important tool for self expression,” said Lapierre. “The inspiration for many of my pieces this year come from personal memories and nostalgia from my childhood. I like to draw my ideas from this concept because it sparks so much pure joy in me and hopefully those viewing my work.”

As designers put the finishing touches on their creations, anticipation (and anxiety) continue to build for the Runway Show, which promises to be a celebration of creativity, innovation, and hardwork.


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