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Schoolwork to scripts: Stark flourishing in internship

Lily Stark on the set of "Baron and Toluca," a sequel to the hit show Roswell, as part of an internship she did in the fall of 2021. Photo courtesy of Lily Stark

Lily Stark has made an impact on campus since her first year here, breaking out as a field hockey star and setting the record for most goals in a single season. Now the junior is looking to break out into the professional world, finding a place for herself on the west coast.

Stark is currently working for Heroes and Villains, a management company in California, as an intern through a program at Boston University (BU). The company reviews scripts sent by its clients and evaluating which ones are suitable for television or film. This is something that has generated interest for Stark, who, as a Radio and Video Production concentration, has spent a lot of time behind the camera in the production aspects of the television industry.

“Since coming out here, I’ve gained more interest in screenwriting, reading over the scripts, and getting more into the background of the production. I spend most of my time in the office, and I don't really get to go on the shoots or be on set, but so far, I have really enjoyed it,” said Stark.

As for the role Stark is playing for Heroes and Villains, she is currently tasked with reading over scripts, summarizing them, and noting whether or not they would be viable for the company, which has been a rewarding experience. “Reading scripts is by far the easiest way to make an impact in this industry for interns because it allows you to get your input out there which is something that usually doesn’t happen until you are hired full-time somewhere, so it's been a very cool experience,” Stark said.

This is not the first time Stark has worked on a set professionally. In her sophomore year, she worked on the set of Roswell spinoff Baron and Toluca as a Production Assistant. Both of these opportunities she credits to the connections she has been able to make through her experiences, as she received one internship through a prior connection and another through her enrollment at BU.

Being currently enrolled at BU has come with some challenges for Stark. “I definitely didn’t know anyone coming here since it's all BU students, so it was challenging to find connections. You find your way eventually but it was definitely a struggle at first,” said Stark.

Traveling to the west coast has offered Stark great opportunities to connect with higher-ups and experience working in different atmospheres. “My biggest takeaway has been all the connections that I have made while being out here. The company that I work for, along with BU, has given me the opportunity to meet and talk to some of the top people in this industry which really would never happen otherwise,” Stark said.

While Stark has no definitive plans for after college, she intends to return to Lasell for the fall semester, with hopes to return to California after graduating.

“Hopefully, I can make enough connections while I'm out here so that when I am finished I can get a job on the west coast because we pretty much have to be over here for what I want to do.”


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