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Senior Week celebrations send off Class of 2024

Last year’s class photo of the Class of 2023, taken during Senior Week. Photo courtesy of @Lasell_U on Instagram

With the 2023-2024 academic year wrapping up, a new class of seniors are preparing to graduate from Lasell University. But before the diplomas are handed out and the caps are thrown there is one last celebration: Senior Week. 

Senior Week is a four-day event following the conclusion of finals week where Seniors stay on campus and participate in a handful of activities on and off campus to celebrate the end of their time at Lasell. The event is being planned and executed by the senior class committee which consists of President Mekenzie Barbosa, Vice-President Alisa Xhabija, Secretary Madison Nerich, Treasurer Isabelle Babcock, Delegate Emily Lifson and Director of Student Activities/Senior Class Committee Advisor Thomas Morgan. 

Each individual involved in the committee has a special part they contribute. 

“The responsibilities are different for all parts of the class committee, some are responsible for emailing the places for the event while others are responsible for posters and social media,” Nerich said. Each part is crucial in the planning and production of senior week, they are what makes it all happen. 

Morgan said that the week “Is the ‘we did it!’ celebration of finishing senior year and getting to relax and recognize the huge accomplishment made. It is one final chance for everyone to be together as Lasell undergrads to make memories that will last a lifetime.”

The week will consist of a night at The Greatest Bar located in Boston, a trip to Encore Casino, a senior group photo, a formal dance on a Boston Harbor cruise, and a new event planned which is a BBQ and Beer Garden on campus. 

“[The committee] wanted to include an event that happens during the day and that allows seniors to say goodbye to Lasell faculty and staff,” Babcock said.

The class committee has been planning the event since September, meeting regularly to discuss price negotiation with multiple venues and conducting surveys with the senior class to find out what they want included in senior week. 

“We are able to cater senior week to the diverse interests and preferences of all graduating seniors by having each day of events unique. Because each day of senior week is different, it allows all seniors' preferences to be met,” Babcock said.

In past years students were given wristbands at the beginning of the week to show they were participating in senior week. Feedback from students who graduated last year stated that wristbands fell off, or they interfered with graduation photos. Due to the feedback the committee has decided to do something a little different.

“This year we will be checking in students before each event, providing a new wristband every day. We also negotiated with the harbor cruise company to significantly cut the cost of the cruise,” Morgan said. “We were able to reduce the Senior Week registration price from $350 per student last year to $300 per student this year. We are so excited to make the opportunity more affordable for everyone.” 

Senior Week is a well known event for the Lasell community and is something students look forward to since they begin their careers here. It is not only an accomplishment to make it to senior week but a testament to the obstacles and challenges these students have endured throughout their four years at Lasell.

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