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SGA starts semester strong with Village event and budgeting changes

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

As we get settled into the new school year, the Student Government Association (SGA) is making a few changes on campus. SGA is run by President Michael Woo, a senior business management and marketing major, who has already accomplished a lot in the two months since school started with the help of the entire team. SGA works towards bettering the Lasell community and solving problems presented to them.

Starting last year, the process of curating the inaugural intergenerational career event was very successful. Hosted at Lasell Village, the event was made possible by SGA Vice President of Academic Affairs Celeste Hunter-Pines and the Student Alumni Association.

This event allowed students and villagers to connect with one another and sparked conversations about their careers, and life in general.

Dennis Frey and Lee Means serve as guest speakers to discuss SGA’s potential involvement with Symposium at their weekly meeting. Photo by Abi Brown

According to Woo, “We were hoping to really connect students to what their careers could look like, and villagers always have experience, they were in their respected fields for so long, so it was really just an opportunity to connect with villagers and students and talk about their careers.” SGA is hoping to continue this event in the coming semester or in the spring.

Additionally, SGA started a new budget system this semester in lieu of the typical budget requests and hearings. It is now done on a need basis, Woo said. “Instead of submitting a budget for the entire semester or year, we only do it per event.” This is more equitable because some clubs and organizations do not use their whole budget, while others do not have enough. To submit a request, club leaders can use Laser Involvement to find step-by-step guidance.

Every Tuesday at 5 p.m., SGA meets in the Stoller room on the second floor of Brennan Library, and Woo welcomes anyone who is interested to come join them. For those looking to become a member, the only criteria is that you want to positively represent the student body and are in good academic standing. To become an official member of SGA, you need to run in an election for any of their open positions, such as a senator or class president. There are currently open seats for senator positions so if you are interested, you can email or Michael Woo at for further information about getting involved.

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