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Softball head coach leaves after five seasons

Third Baseman Katie Hopkins swings at the pitch in a doubleheader sweep against Worcester State at Taylor Field in March. Photo by Joe Giacco

While the exact reason for her sudden exit is unknown, Woodside did not discuss why she left.

Last season, Woodside coached the softball team to a championship appearance, where they fell to Simmons University 7-3. Throughout the season the players seemingly developed trust and confidence in one another, thriving off their excellent defense and timely hitting.

“The chemistry was great,” said pitcher Abby Fortin.

When asked about Woodside’s departure, Fortin described the event as shocking but stayed optimistic, stating the team as a whole has remained confident and supportive of one another.

“We made the best out of the situation,” said Fortin. “We’re just staying positive as much as we can.”

Fortin, who is now a sophomore, stated the upperclassmen have done a good job leading the squad, helping the underclassmen find their footing during the fall.

“Our senior captains, Katie [Hopkins], Eryn [Sheeley], and Ally [Kirck] have been stepping up and making sure we’re doing as much as we can going into the winter,” said Fortin.

Right fielder Mackenzie Still tracks a pop fly in the outfield during a doubleheader against Worcester State. Photo by Joe Giacco

With spring several months away, the Lasers have time before they need to hire a new head coach. Currently filling the void is Assistant Coach Hannah DelCervo, who is entering her fourth season with the team.

Repeating a performance similar to last year will be a tough task for the Lasers, especially without Woodside at the helm. Despite her absence, Fortin wishes Woodside nothing but the best.

“She was a great coach and I know she’s cheering us on no matter what.”

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Kristina DeNegre
Kristina DeNegre

Can we please give the softball athletes the credit they deserve. This group of athletes are not only talented but have been playing softball the majority of their lives. They are a talented group and worked together to get where they are. Making the championship last year was a true team effort. Lets give credit where credit is due.

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