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Sophomore Spencer Villinski is booked and busy

Spencer smiles for a headshot at the NRF Student Program at ClickHouse NY in January. (Photo by Sophie Elgort)

Spencer Villinski is a sophomore fashion merchandising and management major who hopes to land a career in the world of merchandising. He is a hurdler on the Men's Track and Field and Men's Cross Country teams, a Resident Assistant (RA) in Woodland Hall, a member of Lasell University’s Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) chapter, involved with studio1851 as sales manager, and a writer and editor for POLISHED Magazine.

As a member of DECA, Villinski traveled to Baltimore, Maryland, last year for the International Career Development Conference (ICDC). In January of this year, he went to the National Retail Federation (NRF) foundation student program. He also received the NRF Rising Star Scholarship. “I went to New York City along with a bunch of different classmates. We were just meeting retail executives and retail personalities, and listening to keynotes and getting some networking. That was definitely a standout trip for me,” said Villinski.

Villinski’s passion for fashion began in middle school when he began to notice how his peers, particularly his older classmates, were dressing. These fashion examples are what inspired him. “From there I started dressing a lot more deliberately or gave much more thought to what I was wearing. I started going to thrift stores with my mom like Goodwill. Then it turned into picking up fashion magazines and reading about the industry more” said Villinski.

During his college search, he decided on his major, and started looking at programs and schools that were relatively close to his hometown of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Villinski said, “I definitely wanted a school on the smaller side as well. I can remember from high school it was always classes with those smaller groups that I thought I was most successful. I liked that personalized time with the teacher or professor.” Lasell checked all the right boxes he was looking for. Villinski said, “It was a closely knit community. It definitely was good for me that it was close to Boston too.”

Spencer Villinski competing in the GNAC (Photo courtesy of Spencer Villinski)

He hopes to be a merchandiser or a buyer and work his way up to luxury brand management once he graduates he is hoping to be in a metropolitan area like New York City and either work right away, or enter a master’s program, “I think a merchandiser or buyer combines the left brain and the right brain. It's a position where you've got to be analytical, and you've got to understand consumer behavior, you're traveling, you're going to these trade shows. I think that'll be cool.”

Assistant Professor of Fashion Merchandising and Management, Krisitin Kinsky, who is also the supervisor of studio1851 says she and Villinski met when he was printing the syllabus for her course.

Kinsky learned that she and Villinski came from the same hometown. “Spencer continues to be someone determined to experience everything he can through the opportunities he steps up to take, whether in the classroom, within DECA, or on industry trips to New York. It’s a great thing to see in a student and makes him a pleasure to have in class,” said Kinsky.

As an RA in Woodland Hall, Villinski is an extension of the Office of Student Affairs. He communicates to residents and puts on programs or workshops to increase student engagement.

Area Coordinator Kevin Castiglioni said, “Spencer is a wonderful Resident Assistant and cares deeply for his residents as well as performing well in the position. Spencer is attentive, prompt, and diligent in his work. As a person, Spencer is lovely to talk to, he is always positive and engaged. Spencer and I meet once a week to talk one-on-one and I always look forward to our chats.”

Following his approval from Lasell University, Villinski is awaiting his acceptance from the London College of Fashion for fall 2023.

“While acceptance is likely, it is not guaranteed. For the time being, I need to make sure I get all my application materials in and on time. Ultimately though, I am confident I will be studying in London in the fall,” said Villinski.


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