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Statistically Speaking...

What are the statistical odds of falling in love at first sight? Netflix's newest movie release titled

“Love at first sight” starring Haley Lu Richardson and Ben Hardy will most certainly let you know

the answer. This movie is based on the book called The Statistical Odds of Love at First Sight

by Jennifer E. Smith. The film follows two young adults who are placed on the same flight

together due to one of them missing their original flight. The film begins as one of those

predictable romance films we have all seen before, but it surprised me and changed my

judgment the more I watched.

I honestly thought this movie was going to be very cheesy with the characters, the jokes, and

the story lines. I was most definitely wrong. The two main characters had great chemistry, and

the acting was not bad for a Netflix romance film. I remember watching the actor Hayle Lu

Richardson in an HBO Max original series called White Lotus and honestly was not too

impressed with her. Although, this could have been because I simply did not like her character

in that series. As for her performance in “Love at First Sight,” I enjoyed her performance and

thought she did an excellent job playing the role of Hadley Sullivan. Actor Hayle Lu is finally

getting Hollywood recognition and her career is certainly starting to take off. I am also pleased to

see that Ben Hardy, who plays Oliver in the film, is finally getting the recognition that he

deserves as well. Ben Hardy is an incredible actor whom I loved watching in the film Bohemian


Having never read the book ‘The Statistical Odds of Love at First Sight’ by Jennifer E. Smith,

and only watching the movie, I can certainly say that the film makes me want to pursue reading

the book. What I enjoyed most was how the film was able to portray the point of view that yes,

the idea of falling in love is such an overplayed plot in film but was able to capture the concept

in such a genuine human interaction. The narrator, however, rubbed me the wrong way

throughout the film. I have to say that I cannot agree with the decision to have the narrator be

someone who constantly shows up in various scenes as different characters talking directly to

the camera. I understand her role was to describe the statistical odds of the events taking place

throughout the film, but it seemed unnecessarily whimsical. I find I cannot fully enjoy a film if a

character is constantly breaking the fourth wall and I know I am not the only one that feels this

way. It was an interesting decision to include this aspect in the movie and not my favorite.

I do believe this film was thoughtfully adapted and the director, Vanessa Caswill carefully crafted

a beautiful romance film. There was much emotion throughout the film but specifically within the

last 10 minutes. There were deep and heavy emotions that came through the screen. If you are

looking for a good cry but are also someone who values a happy conclusion, this is the movie

for you.

Isabelle Babcock reviews movies on her website The REEL Review. Photo courtesy of Isabelle Babcock

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