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Students take to warmer climates for spring break

(L-R): Meghan Theall, Caitlyn Smith, Courtney Tello, Emily Mestas, Mackenzie Still on their spring break trip to Davenport, Florida. Photo courtesy of Courtney Tello

A visit to a California ranch, the first trip to In-N-Out Burger, and a week of softball by the pool are examples of what spring break looked like for some Lasers. 

Spring break took place from March 11-15. With no academic or campus facilities open, students were welcome to stay, go home, or go anywhere else. While many students chose a relaxing week of no responsibility in the comfort of their own home, a few students went on different vacations across the country and made the most of their breaks. 

Senior communications major Maeve Willerup spent her break visiting her aunt and uncle in Ojai, California on their ranch, something Willerup and her mother had been wanting to do forever. 

“I haven’t seen them in a while so it was nice to do that. We did a lot of shopping and walking around the surrounding towns,” said Willerup. “It almost did not feel like it was actually a break because we were so busy.”

The highlight of Willerup’s trip, however, was something as simple as a piece of jewelry. 

“I got a green stone ring from a small antique store that will always remind me of this trip when I wear it, which is really special,” said Willerup. 

Just one state away from Willerup in Scottsdale, Arizona, senior communications major Isabelle Babcock spent her break away from the cold with her roommates. The group was able to avoid the cost of hotels or AirBnb’s by staying with one of their grandparents, which was a major reason why Babcock wanted to go. 

Some of the things Babcock highlighted as fun pastimes include “hanging out by the pool, getting In-And-Out Burger for the first time, and getting really authentic Mexican food.” However, the real highlight of the trip for Babcock was just getting to be somewhere warm.

(L-R): Isabelle Babcock, Tori Scambray, Mekenzie Barbosa, Madalyn Scully, Juliana Medini pose for a picture on a hike in Scottsdale, Arizona. Photo courtesy of Isabelle Babcock

“I think the biggest standout from our trip was literally just being able to relax and spend time with my friends each day without any other responsibilities,” Babcock said, “Getting away from the cold and taking a break from your daily life is very refreshing and relaxing.”

For juniors elementary education major Courtney Tello and psychology major Caitlyn Smith, spring break was an opportunity to combine family and leisure. Tello’s cousin and roommate Meghan Theall plays for the school’s softball team, which takes a spring break trip to Davenport, Florida every year to compete with softball teams from across the country. Tello and Smith decided to stay with Tello’s aunt to be able to go to the team’s games. 

“[The trip] was a great opportunity to not only support my peers, but spend some quality time with family that I don’t get to see as often,” said Tello. 

While Smith has no family on the team, she was glad to support her roommates and enjoy the perks of Florida. Smith highlighted that the location allowed for her to create a great balance between softball and vacation-like activities such as going for a swim and getting some sun. 

“One memory that stood out to me the most was going to a double-header one day and then coming back to the house to relax in the pool,” said Smith, “Something about getting in a float and just listening to good music created the perfect moment. I truly had the best time!”


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