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Summer stipends on the way for interning students

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

The annual summer internship stipend is accepting applications from full-time sophomores and juniors until Apr. 18. Students who apply for this stipend must meet a list of requirements, including having been accepted into an unpaid internship and enrolled in a summer internship course among other factors.

Terri Houston, Philanthropy and Engagement Officer, says the stipend “Levels the playing field for students who might have to work during the year and not have the opportunity to take on a semester-long internship.”

Past recipients agree that although applying can seem daunting, the outcome is worth the effort. 2022 recipient Ashley DiBattista, a senior sports management major, believes the stipend is worthwhile and encourages students to apply. She says, “I was kind of worried when I applied for it that I wouldn't be considered for it. I figured a lot of people were applying for it, but honestly, it's worth the risk.” She says, “You're not gonna lose anything if you don't apply for it.”

There are resources for students on campus to utilize while applying. DiBattista met with Jessica Orlando, Assistant Director of the Center for Career Readiness, for help. “She broke it down for me,” DiBattista said. “She helped me throughout the process and made it a lot easier.”

DiBattista used the stipend for an internship at Blue 57, a scouting and recruiting agency for Division 1 football prospects. It was remote, so she used the stipend to pay the tuition of her summer internship course, with the remaining money going towards textbooks.

Another 2022 recipient, senior event management major Kaitlyn Gargas, had two unpaid internships at Entertainment Specialists and Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. The stipend paid for summer internship class, her commute to

Kaitlyn Gargas used her stipend money for traveling to her internship at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Gargas

and from the Entertainment Specialists events, and the flights to and from the festival, which was held in Manchester, Tennessee.

Gargas said completing a summer internship, especially with the help of the stipend, offers flexibility that students don’t have during the academic year. She said, “I would recommend applying because you just have more freedom in the summer. I feel like there's more options.” She said, “I went into Boston and then went to Tennessee. I couldn't do that if I was here during the year, just up and leave like that. So I just think there's more opportunities in the summer.”

The stipend was introduced in 2013, when Donnell Turner, Director of the Center for Career Readiness and Internships met with a Lasell Village resident to discuss unpaid internships and their worth within career development. Turner said, “Because of the phenomenal work by Lasell’s Office of Advancement, an anonymous Lasell Village resident became the first donor of the Summer Internship Stipend program by supporting five students with $3000 stipends.”

Gargas’s internship at Entertainment Specialists helped put on a free summer concert series at the Boston Harbor Hotel. Photo by Kaitlyn Gargas

Since this first gift, two other donors have come forward and contributed money for the stipends; Sue Spadaccia ‘68, along with another anonymous donor. The Lasell University Board of Trustees matches these gifts, as well.

Students submit their applications by emailing it to the Center of Career and Internship Programs at, or hand it in to Donnell Turner on the top floor of the Edwards Student Center by 3:00 p.m. on Apr 18. The ten recipients will be contacted on May 8, 2023.

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