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Third annual Queer Prom remains PRIDE and true

LU PRIDE holds their third annual Queer Prom in Arnow with decorations and photo taking areas. Photo by Lisa Ortiz

On the night of March 29, LU PRIDE held their third annual Queer Prom on the first and second floor of Arnow. While the party was mainly on the second floor, the first floor had an area to take photos in front of a backdrop with some props as well as a quiet sensory break area. Attendees dressed up in their best formal attire; dresses, and suits, and many things in between. As attendees ascended the stairs, they were welcomed by luminescent blue lights and glow in the dark decor. Balloons blanketed the floor, and streamers cascaded down from the ceiling. The gorgeous decor was merely a reflection of how beautiful the event truly was in its core.

The celebration truly began when the buffet was unveiled, LU PRIDE did not disappoint with the menu selection. Students could pick from chicken skewers, empanadas, crab rangoons, and shrimp cocktails, followed by beignets for a sweet treat. For those who just wanted a little snack, there were large bowls of popcorn also served alongside the buffet. Next to the food tables, sat buckets of ice, generously stocked with water bottles and sodas for everyone to enjoy throughout the night. Luckily, they had plenty for everyone and more as the dance floor was active all night. 

With partygoers powered by full bellies and sugary beverages, it’s no wonder everyone had a wonderful time. The function was DJ’d by WLAS, who kept the speaker loud and the song requests served. It seemed like every other song was an early 2000s banger that you usually wouldn’t hear at a party, but everyone knew the words too. The music of that night spanned eras, and evoked feelings of nostalgia while igniting a spirit of joy and camaraderie amongst attendees. 

It was such an inclusive space that barriers seemed to have melted away, allowing new connections to flourish. Conversations flowed freely, and laughter echoed off the walls. Bonds were forged that night that transcended labels and identities. That night, the students of Lasell only knew happiness and acceptance for those surrounding them. Strangers sang together, dance circles intertwined, and new friendships sparked from this shared experience. Sophomore fashion design and production major, Barbara Monahan described her favorite part of Queer Prom as “seeing everyone dressed up and having a great time together. There are not many events that I get to both dress up and feel like I can fully express myself at, but the welcoming environment at queer prom made that possible!”

As the night unfolded, it became abundantly clear that Queer Prom was more than just an event; it was a welcoming embrace extended to all, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. Allies and members of the LGBTQ+ community alike were welcomed with open arms. Their presence celebrated an essential part of what Queer Prom stands for at heart, joining in solidarity and support of the LGBTQ+ community. Amidst the laughter and music, LU PRIDE created a space where differences were celebrated, and barriers dissolved. 


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