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Villager connections are crucial

Last year I interviewed Charlotte Winslow, a Lasell Village resident with a deep knowledge of education and the community. Before this experience, I didn’t know much about Lasell Village. After attending a few Village events, and learning more about the residents, I wondered, why aren’t Lasell students more involved with the Village? Lasell Village and its residents provide on-campus employment opportunities for students, career advice, and can improve students’ experiences at Lasell.

Working at the Village is one of the main job opportunities for students on campus. This also leads to good connections between students and members of the village. This is such a crucial part of the Lasell community because it gives students the opportunity to get to know members of Lasell Village and form a deeper understanding between students and Villagers.

Earlier in the semester, the Student Government Association and the Student Alumni Association worked with Lasell Village to create a career panel for students. At the event, Villagers shared their career experiences in various fields. Members of the Village gave heartwarming and helpful advice that students, no matter the major or interest, could use in their professional lives. This event was beneficial and reassuring for students who learned about the long careers Villagers have had and provided an opportunity to network with Villagers.

When students can connect with other members of the community, it creates a meaningful college experience. Creating connections with Villagers can be rewarding for students and members of Lasell Village. Several of the members of Lasell Village spoke at the career panel about how forming relationships is an important step while working towards personal or career goals. Villagers always love to talk with students, and it can help students or Villagers who are feeling isolated feel less alone.

While students may not have the time to be involved in Lasell Village, students should recognize that they are a large part of our community. The Village is filled with people who would love to connect with students and are valuable members of Lasell.

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