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What happened to school spirit?

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

The fall season on campus is filled with sports, activities, and events sponsored by clubs. So why is no one going? The school spirit at Lasell has dwindled, and the pride once felt on campus is almost nonexistent. Students should be excited about the school year ahead, there are so many opportunities to improve your college experience. Showing up and being present is one way to start.

Illustration by Felipe Bida

Attendance for games is typically much lower than schools in the area, which can make students not want to go. While you may not like every sport, the majority of students are athletes, and showing up to support our classmates is important.

During my freshman year, my friends and I started going to the basketball games on campus. Even though I don’t know anything about basketball, going to the games is one of my favorite things to do on campus. The school pride you feel when Lasell is winning is unmatched, and that passion for the school needs to be reignited.

There are always events for students to attend. The Campus Activities Board (CAB) and Student Government Association (SGA), have events all over campus. Students can go to CAB movie nights, bingo, or see farm animals. There are so many opportunities to get out and enjoy life on campus.

While Lasell is not perfect, neither is any school. I understand that students may not want to be active in the community or are just not interested in events. However, students can change on-campus issues by joining clubs like SGA, or CAB where they can help make a difference at Lasell. As students, we need to start showing pride in our school to improve our own college experience, and the college experience of our peers.

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