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When summer comes: a playlist to match the weather

Graphic by Harley LaCardo

Now that there are finally glimpses of summer weather, it’s only fitting to provide music to put you in that summer mindset. Just because you are still in school does not mean you can’t experience that warm weather happiness, and these songs accomplish just that.

Confidence - Ocean Alley

The song “Confidence” begins with an opening bassline that sets the tone for the entire track,with a slow, groovy rhythm that builds up to a powerful chorus. “Confidence” is about overcoming self-doubt and gaining the confidence to do what you want to do. The lyrics are relatable and uplifting, with lines like “It’s all about confidence, baby” serving as a powerful reminder to believe in yourself. Overall, “Confidence” is a well-crafted and enjoyable song that showcases Ocean Alley’s talent for creating engaging and soulful music. Its infectious melody and inspiring message make it a standout track that is definitely worth a listen.

Yellow Mellow - Ocean Alley

The track features a relaxed and introspective vibe, with a blend of psychedelic and indie rock elements that create a unique and intriguing sound. The song’s instrumentation is a standout feature, with smooth basslines and mellow percussion creating a relaxed, ethereal experience.

Glimmer - Mako Road

“Glimmer” by Mako Road is an upbeat and energetic indie-rock track that will get your feet tapping and head bobbing. The lyrics are uplifting and empowering, with lines like “From self-appreciation for the day skip the pain, comes and goes in waves,” serving as a reminder that pain doesn’t last forever. Its infectious rhythm, uplifting lyrics, and impressive instrumentation make it a track that will leave listeners feeling inspired and energized.

2am - Slightly Stoopid

The vocals on “2am” are smooth and emotive, with the lead singer’s voice perfectly capturing the song’s introspective and contemplative tone. The lyrics themself are less reflective to the beat of the song, with lines like “Four in the mornin, police knockin’ at my door, what for?” Overall, “2am” is a well-crafted and introspective song that showcases Slightly Stoopid’s talent for creating music that is both soulful and engaging.

I Am (feat. Wyclef Jean) - Rock Mafia

“I Am” by Rock Mafia is a powerful and inspiring anthem that is sure to inspire listeners to embrace their individuality and feel confident. The lyrics give the feeling of a daily affirmation with lines like “I am, worth it I am, blessed beyond belief I am, perfect.” The track’s instrumentals feature a blend of electronic and pop elements, creating a dynamic sound. The track overall leaves listeners with a catchy tune that will stick with them throughout the day.

Liz - Remi Wolf

“Liz” by Remi Wolf is a funky and upbeat track that blends pop, funk, and R&B elements to create a unique and infectious sound. The song features a catchy bassline, funky guitar riffs, and a lively beat that is sure to get you grooving. The vocals on “Liz” are upbeat and full of energy, with Remi Wolf’s voice perfectly capturing the song’s fun and carefree tone. “Liz” is a fun and engaging track that showcases Remi Wolf’s talent for creating music that is both playful and catchy.


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