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‘Chappy’ has a happy finale

Chapdelaine carries to ball toward the goal during the Lasers’ 11-8 loss to Norwich University on April 12. Photo by Joe Giacco

Over the years, Emily “Chappy” Chapdelaine has become a leader both on and off the field. Her teammates have recognized her dedication and hard work, and she has earned their respect as a captain and a friend.

“She demonstrates a lot of leadership qualities,” says coach Britney Wuorio. “Chappy is always the first one to motivate the team and try to figure out ways to make us play harder and more together. She also works hard in the off-season.”

Chappy credits her success as an athlete in large part to her first-year coach, “I would say the female coaches were very positive. And so I started out my freshman year with Coach Connolly, an amazing woman, an amazing coach. She's like the main reason I'm here, and she heavily impacted me,” said Chapdelaine.

But Chappy isn’t just a serious player. She also knows how to have fun and bring a positive attitude to the team. “Chappy is definitely one of the funniest people on the team,” says Wuorio. “She loves to make jokes and have a good time but is also serious about Lasell and wants to win. She is definitely one of my go-to people as a leader on and off the field.”

Chappy’s commitment to the team extends beyond just the game. She also works hard in the classroom and is involved in various organizations on campus, including the Blue Key Society (BKS).

“Chappy has so many commitments, and Blue Key Society is still something that she makes time for during her week,” Kristen Gorham, a junior public relations major and member of BKS said. “She is so positive, and seeing the way she interacts with the prospective students is inspiring.”

But it’s on the field where Chappy truly shines. As the player who takes the draw, she plays a critical role in the team’s success. “Chappy is always positive and has a great work ethic,” says Wuorio. “She takes the draw for us which is one of the most important positions on the field.”

Teammate and captain Teresa Kessner echoes Wuorio’s sentiments. “Chappy is always contributing to the teams,” she says. “She’s always going an extra mile to make sure girls have everything that they need and are doing okay mentally, physically ok, as well as help the coaches with whatever needs to be done. She’s an amazing player who is all over the field and hustling at every play. Whether that’s getting the draw, scoring goals, assisting goals, or making a defensive play, she is a key player to the team.”

For Chappy, being a leader is not just about winning the games. It’s about building relationships and creating a positive team culture. “Chappy is the definition of a leader,” says Kessner. “She’s the person that you can go to for anything and knows the right thing to say. She’s always trying to keep the atmosphere positive and guides people on and off the field. She’s someone I look up to, especially as someone who is a junior captain, and will carry on this team next year.”


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