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Editor's corner: Lasell legacy speaks

Photo courtesy of Elliot Pototsky

Being an underclassman in college did not stop me from being active in the campus community. I was an orientation leader the summer after my first year, and frequently announced sporting events as part of the Sports Broadcasting Club during the fall, winter, and spring seasons.

I knew I wanted to participate in more campus activities. Following a soccer broadcast during my sophomore year in which the color commentator for that specific game turned out to be the editor-in-chief of the 1851 Chronicle, I was asked to strongly consider joining.

After attending my first meeting at the Arnow Campus Center, I decided I would look to get involved in some way or another. I was a sports correspondent searching for a small role that I could look to increase gradually. That led me to write recaps of sports games on campus when I was not broadcasting them.

Despite only writing one recap per week, I nudged myself to do more in the Spring semester. I started writing up to two recaps per week and eventually built up the courage to write my first story for the upcoming print issue. I gained plenty of experience interviewing athletes and coaches for the recaps, so I was ready to use that skill for a more structured piece.

The first story I wrote about covered the daily life of an athlete throughout winter recess and touched upon the responsibilities of Lasell’s athletics staff during that time. It was not a juicy story and the former Athletic Director (AD) did not think it was necessary to write. Still, I had a job to do. Eventually, I was able to put together a 500-word piece, which included multiple quotes from the AD.

Entering my junior year, I was named digital sports editor. My main responsibilities included posting game recaps on our website, placing the featured recap in the sports section, and making sure the writer’s name appeared on the bi-line.

I continue to cover stories for each print issue, helping produce as many as four articles in one month. It is enjoyable to help up-and-coming writers thrive at the 1851 Chronicle, whether that means help- ing schedule an interview or editing their recaps. It is a pleasure to contribute to an organization with such talented students.

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