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Fashion (around the) Corner

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Graphic by Griffin Bryan

Boston is known for its many iconic shopping options such as Newbury St. and the Prudential Center. However these areas are dominated by high-end designer stores that are out of the price range of the average student. So in one of America’s biggest college towns, where are the best places for college kids to shop? The answer is second-hand stores. Here are four local alternatives that better accommodate a student's budget.

Vivant Vintage:

318 Lincoln St, Allston

Vivant is the premiere vintage store throughout the entire Greater Boston area. The store has an expertly curated selection of authentic vintage garments and antiques. Every item in the store is hand picked by the owner who travels the entire country sourcing only the finest vintage. Even if vintage is not your style, Vivant is still worth the trip as it is a chance to see the fashion of yesteryear.

Global Thrift:

322 Moody St, Waltham

Global Thrift is an independent thrift store that is guaranteed to have something for everyone. Their retail location has a massive footprint with what feels like endless racks of clothing. This store is mostly filled with essentials and basics to build your wardrobe but has no shortage of unique pieces, as long as you are willing to look. Global is the closest thrift store to campus making it a convenient option for students without reliable transportation.


716 Centre St, Jamaica Plain

Boomerangs is a Boston-based chain of consignment stores started with an initiative to support their community. These stores are owned and operated by the AIDS Action, an organization focused on fighting AIDS and ending the epidemic. By shopping here you are directly supporting a social movement to improve our healthcare. Boomerang’s has an extensive range of high quality products. While their stock is second-hand, all the garments sold in stores are gently used. Not everything in the store will satisfy your personal style, but there is enough variety you are likely to find something.

Diversity Consignment:

713 Centre St, Jamaica Plain

Diversity is a new consignment store launched last year and targets a younger consumer. Diversity’s infancy has caused the majority of their stock to be very modern and trendy at inexpensive prices. The store has a basement underneath the retail floor that serves as a cozy lounge with retro video games and vinyls. Diversity encourages you to hang out and use this space to relax while on your shopping trip. Diversity also offers generous margins on consignments making it a great all in one stop to recycle your wardrobe.

I hope this list has given you some valuable alternatives to the traditional corporate options and inspired you to check out small businesses. Stay frugal, and good luck thrifting!


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