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Is Chat GPT helpful or harmful?

By Harley LaCardo

Harmful: The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT have captivated students all over. Although it does have benefits, it could potentially harm society in numerous ways.

When it comes to education and school work, ChatGPT is being used in a plethora of ways. Students are using it as a way to get answers for their homework, and in the end, they will suffer.

Relying on ChatGPT for answers without genuine comprehension can hinder a students’ ability to learn and apply knowledge effectively. They could become overly reliant on the software since it can generate assignments, essays, or answers, leading to a lack of effort in their learning.

However, ChatGPT doesn’t only affect students. The software could have potential pitfalls if not used thoughtfully in the workplace. There are risks of spreading misinformation and producing subpar content. This can cause the production of misleading reports and bias, ultimately harming a company’s reputation.

I won’t act like I have never used ChatGPT because I have, but it’s about understanding how to do it ethically. It’s essential to always fact-check and evaluate the information the software provides. ChatGPT should complement, not replace, genuine human effort and creativity. Using this technology responsibly means we should be integrating it into our work while upholding those standards.

Encouraging genuine learning and respecting academic integrity is essential for personal growth and development. It’s important to use AI tools to supplement their education and not to replace genuine learning and critical thinking. Responsible and ethical use of such devices is essential to maintain academic integrity and promote holistic understanding.

By LJ LaFiura

Helpful: In less than a year, Open AI and ChatGPT have taken the world by storm, providing over 21 million people with unparalleled access and efficiency when talking about information. The opportunities for people across the world have expanded greatly and when considering the ease of information and the opportunities granted within that, it is undoubtedly a great thing for us as students and people, even with the trouble it may cause.

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications such as ChatGPT, the average joe comes up with basic concepts for tasks much quicker than we have before in any prior educational or technological era. Now you can easily get a list of questions and topics put together for you to prepare for something, such as an interview or even summaries of particular concepts so you can better understand when you read. These are rather menial tasks in the grand scheme of assembling quality work that are now able to be bypassed so the user can continue on to other things. This speed also grants users opportunities that otherwise would not be feasible. AI can now create alt text, and descriptions of photos from given images which makes social media accounts more accessible than they otherwise would be if they didn’t have the time to develop those.

The major caveat here is that ChatGPT and AI in general are great for saving time on the smaller tasks and brainstorming, not developing a complete concept. For this to be a help, the onus is on the user to take the work of AI and expand or combine it to create something more than they could develop on their own. Many people will use it as a means to get out of original thought and work, but why should we say it's bad because we’re looking at it through the bubble of modern work quality? Soon, the work of those who use it as an aid will be noticeable compared to those who use it as a crutch. If anything, we should call on professors and employers to make the assignment expectations greater, then there will be no issues.

The future belongs to those willing to grow with the times. That’s why ChatGPT and AI are helpful; not merely because they are, but because they must be. As budding professionals, we are uniquely situated to capitalize on these benefits and spearhead where it joins our daily lives. This is an opportunity to be a part of innovation that maybe comes around once a generation. That’s why we must use these aids to create beautiful things beyond what we previously thought imaginable.


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