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Is senior week worth it?

Yes: The reality of graduating from college is often stressful and confusing for many. While this time brings a lot of stress for young adults looking to enter the workforce, the university has done its best in ensuring graduates celebrate the accomplishment of completing their bachelor’s degree by putting together Senior Week.

Having the opportunity to celebrate what I would argue to be the biggest accomplishment in my life so far with those who have been with me from the beginning of my collegiate journey is something I have looked forward to since being a first-year student.

With my first year being cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the remainder of my college experience being altered to ensure the safety of the community, I have been waiting for the day to come when I am able to enjoy one final week with those who have been with me through it all.

Having my college experience changed so much by the pandemic is something I think about often and everything that I should have been able to experience over the last four years. I try not to dwell on the past and the emotions that have resulted in missing out on things I was “promised” as being part of my Lasell journey. Instead, I am looking at Senior Week as a chance to come together with everyone who missed out on these things as well and overcame the same challenges as I did and celebrate the fact that we made it to the end.

While one might argue that Senior Week is expensive and ultimately not worth the cost for what the itinerary entails, as someone with extreme fear of missing out, I would say- keep an open mind. Am I personally excited about every to-do for the week? No. However, I am looking forward to the new experiences and memories that will come from the week before my life ultimately changes forever.

Graphic by Pat Carbone

No: With the exception of Marathon Monday, I’ve never been a massive fan of school-sponsored celebrations, and Senior Week is no exception. Not because of a grudge against the university, or a distaste towards socializing with my fellow seniors, but because I simply can’t foresee myself paying $350 for the events offered. Some seem genuinely fun, but others aren’t for me, and I have to admit a personal bias; I’ve made the choice not to drink alcohol in recent months, so obviously much of the allure of these locations is removed in my case. I understand the intrigue of the events and inherent comradery that comes with going out in our last week as college students, I just can’t say I’ll be there. I’ve formed many meaningful, and hopefully long-lasting relationships with some of the people in my class, and consider myself fortunate to have spent time with them. Is Senior Week a sensible send-off for some?

Yes, but I also feel I can leave my peers in good standing without having to spend $350 to hit the dance floor. If things were different, I may reconsider, but to be honest, I may have ultimately gravitated towards finding my own spots and minding my own dime anyways. So, congratulations to all as degrees and daiquiris get passed out. I’ll be saying cheers, but likely elsewhere, and probably with non-alcoholic beers.


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