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Mesropian destined to be musical

Paige Mesropian’s most recent song, “Self Talk Therapy” is available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music

Paige Mesropian was born and raised in Billerica, Mass., where she grew up in a musically inclined family. Raised in an environment where instruments were as common as household furniture, her passion for music was innate.

“I remember when I was six years old, we were on our way to Jade Specific, a Chinese restaurant, and on the car ride there, I made a song called spying on people, and my dad was like we have to record this, so he brought me in the studio and we recorded my first song, and I still have the MP3 recording, and that was really the beginning of music for me,” Mesropian said.

Her father Steven, who has his own extensive musical knowledge, has helped Mesropian produce music since an early age. Her music has been available on Spotify and Apple Music since 2015.

Mesropian’s brother Thomas played a pivotal role in shaping her early musical experiences, and their shared passion for music became a formative force in both of their lives.

“Music has always been part of our lives, I remember Paige and I jamming when we were really young, like elementary school times with my dad’s old guitar and amps. Paige sang into the mic like she always knew what she was doing, it came naturally to her,” Thomas Mesropian said.

As time went on and her passion grew, she began singing in front of audiences. The transition from the intimacy of private practice sessions to the spotlight of public performances is a vulnerable spot to be put in. She said that although it was scary, it was a testament to who she was as an artist.

“I started singing the national anthem for football games, hockey games, parades, and it was cool, but frightening. I used to not sleep the night before because I was so nervous. But I definitely got recognized for that, and a lot of people in town knew that I was a singer,” Mesropian said.

Artist and friend James Valeri grew up with Mesropian and her family, creating music and joining in on their musical practices. “Between Paige, her dad, and her brother, there is some serious musical talent that is kind of remarkable how they aren’t known out in the world for their expertise. Paige has always stood out, not only to me but to most people for her remarkable voice and musical ear,” Valeri said.

Paige Mesropian playing her guitar, a passtime she often takes up due to her passion for music

As a junior majoring in graphic design, her commitment to her musical pursuits is noteworthy. Balancing the demands of academic life with the pressure of creating and producing music is not an easy task. Throughout her college career she has been able to produce two songs, “A Perfect Life” and “Self Talk Therapy.”

“After highschool when I got hurt for the first time, I used music as an outlet, and ever since then I’ve been writing music and singing. The two songs I wrote during college are “A Perfect Life” and “Self Talk Therapy”. “Self Talk Therapy” is about the overthinking brain of many young girls and how it can really just mess up your days, weeks, and months,” Mesropian said.

Music is something that has been rooted in Mesropian since birth, and her ability to capture an audience’s attention is insanely impressive. She plans to continue writing songs, expanding her musical expertise and just seeing where that takes her.


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