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MFA Boston: Power of photography

Two attendees at the LIFE Magazine exhibit observe old issues of The New York Times Newspaper at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Photo by Abi Brown

The Museum of Fine Arts which is located on 465 Huntington Ave in Boston, features a great amount of exhibits and programs offered that can educate and inspire the public. From exploring the ancient worlds to contemporary pieces, this museum is so extensive to the point you would need more than a day to look at everything. Meanwhile, like many other museums, they have featured exhibits that are only available for a limited amount of time. One recently being “LIFE Magazine and the Power of Photography.”

From 1936-1972, LIFE Magazine spread some of the most shocking, haunting, and beautiful photojournalism across the globe. Capturing everything during this time period, LIFE Magazine has given their viewers the ability to see the global atrocities such as World War II, protests surrounding segregation, and one of our greatest accomplishments, going to the moon. It started and facilitated conversations regarding race, war, art, politics, and everything in between. The importance of their photo-journalism practices are still being recognized over 50 years later.

Entrance to the exhibit LIFE Magazine and the Power of Photography at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Photo by Abi Brown

This exhibit highlighted not just the photos, but the importance of the stories that went along with them as well. While words can convey a story just fine, the photos that come along with it provoke more emotion and are vital to showing the readers why they should care. You can read about the horrors of the Vietnam War, but the photos that came out of this made viewers care even more.

This exhibit is being held until Jan 16, 2023 and tickets are available for $34. In the past, students have been able to receive free general admission and discounted exhibit tickets, however recently due to budget cuts Lasell’s membership has not been renewed and according to Student Affairs, there is not a plan to have a conversation to renew it. However, for those still looking to explore the arts scene in the area, Harvard Art Museums are free on Sundays and to those with student IDs.

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