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Morgan Choquet hired as new director of athletic communications

Morgan Choquet ‘20 becomes full-time lasell employee as director of communications. Photo courtesy of Morgan Choquet

In early March, Assistant Women’s Lacrosse Coach Morgan Choquet ‘20 was announced as the new director of athletic communications and home event coordinator. She began the position on March 18. 

She was hired after Rob Papazain announced he was leaving his position as director of athletic communications, scheduling coordinator, and game day manager for athletics and moving to Curry College.

Choquet will oversee home events, game days, administration business, updating the athletics website, ensuring accurate athlete statistics, postgame recaps, and updating social media pages. 

“Morgan has the advantage of intimate knowledge of Lasell and its operations, but also brings a wealth of experience developed already in her young career,” Associate Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs Dave Hennessey said. “The interviewers were clear that Morgan Choquet would be a valuable addition to the Athletic Department.”

Choquet is coming from Lesley University, where she held the position of sports information director. She has over seven years of experience in different roles within the field but said that her time at Lesley has been most beneficial to her.

“For the past eight months, I’ve been in a very similar role. The position here is a bit more administrative, where it was a little bit more hands-on over at Lesley,” Choquet said. “Lesley was my first job where I was actually at the helm of things, running my own staff.”

She said that after hearing about the open position, her time at Lasell influenced her decision to apply.

“I think, as a sport management major and someone who’s interested in athletic communications or being an SID, it’s kind of always like the back of your mind dream, working at your alma mater. So, I mean, when the position opened up, it was kind of like a no-brainer just to put my name in the hat,” Choquet said.

Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach Britney Wuorio said that Choquet has adapted to her new role smoothly. 

“I think Morgan is already fitting into her new role in the short time she has been here,” Wuorio said. “I can’t speak for the team, but the coaching staff is really excited for her. This is a great opportunity for her. Having her already at Lasell is a huge advantage for us on practice and game days.”

Choquet’s presence on campus as a coach and her previous experience as a student have given her a solid basis to build off of within her new role. 

“I think that I’m super familiar with the campus and I’m super familiar with the community.

Obviously I know the kind of ins and outs, which I think gives me a unique perspective,” Choquet said. “Now I’m in a position to kind of make those changes where that might not have been possible, or the person who came into the role may not have had that insight.”

Choquet expects some difficulty in the role because of how late in the academic year she began in the position.

“The challenges I anticipate facing are general growing pains, everyone has a way of doing things differently in this role and I have the unique experience of joining an athletic department almost entirely through the year, so just learning those systems the best I can as, quick as I can is the goal here,” Choquet said. 

Despite her concern, Hennessey said that since Morgan began in the position she’s been an efficient member of the athletics department.

“Morgan has hit the ground running and performing like an old hand rather than someone just starting in a new role,” Hennessey said.

Her main focus for the future is on making upgrades within athletics branding and technology.

“I’d love to see some more LU athletics branding across campus to really make the presence of athletics known. I think it would be a great step towards, even just for recruiting and tours, to really broadcast our teams,” Choquet said. “We have really great programs, so I think the more that we can put that out there, the better. And I think just any upgrades, like upgrading our technology, getting better streams, things like that.”

Choquet finds the most importance in the opportunity to help the department and life as a student-athlete on campus.

“I’m excited for the role in general, but I would say what I’m most excited for is to do my best to elevate the student-athlete experience, in whatever way I can.”

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