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Newer clubs and organizations making impact on campus

(L-R) Savannah Teixeira, Caitlin Orsino, Sarah Mendes and Hanna Babek at a PPGA tabling event. Photo courtesy of Sarah Mendes

The beginning of this semester marked the beginning of a much bigger purpose for four newer clubs and organizations that have held meetings and organized campus activities. Though these organizations all focus on different topics, they all aim to provide a space for students to connect over the things that matter to them, whether that connection is a hobby or a common cause. 

The Planned Parenthood Government Association (PPGA) and Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) are two clubs who aim to raise awareness of bigger social issues through their organizations. 

PPGA is a club dedicated to educating students on sexual health and reproductive issues. The club exists in chapters at universities around the country, but Lasell has never had a chapter until now.

Club president and junior elementary education major Sarah Mendes said she wanted to be a part of the organization because she wanted students to feel supported when it came to sexual health and other related issues. 

“PPGA [creates] a community for anyone who loves to advocate for sexual rights and reproductive rights, or [serves as] just another space to feel heard and seen on our small campus,” said Mendes. 

The club held a tabling event outside Valentine Dining Hall on Valentine’s Day to provide students with candy and contraceptives to have a safe holiday. For those looking to get involved in future events, the group meets every other Friday on the first floor of Arnow from 2:00-3:00 p.m. and can be found on Instagram @ppgalasell. 

SJP is another chapter-based organization devoted to educating students on the ongoing conflict in Gaza and providing resources to support Palestinians. SJP president and sophomore fashion design major Gabi Acebo believes the club is an important resource for students to come together for this greater cause within a safe space. 

“It is important that we create a sense of community on campus, as many students might feel helpless, alone, or lost in this time. We hope that our club can open the floodgates to more active support and action for the people suffering in Palestine,” said Acebo. 

Acebo also emphasized that students of all identities are encouraged to join. For updates on the club and its events and meeting times, students can follow the organization on Instagram @SJPlasell. They will also be hosting a tabling event in the lobby of the Michael B. Alexander Science and Technology Center on Feb. 27 to teach people how they can send eSIM cards to people in Palestine, which is the only way Palestinians can connect to the Internet due to communication blackouts in the Gaza Strip. 

Although creative writing is not a major, students are looking to share their work on campus.

Between poems, non-fiction, and other forms of writing, the Creative Writing Club is for anyone who is looking to stretch their creativity week after week. Most recently, the club hosted an Open Mic Night on Feb. 17 in the Arnow Campus Center. The event received a decent turnout, and club president Olivia Prisco is hoping for the best in the future since becoming an officially registered club this spring.

“This year we will be hosting some fun events to grow the involvement and interest of students on campus,” Prisco said, “We want to grow the club’s population and reach other writers at the school. We also want to spread our work around campus, possibly by putting some of our writing up in the library.”

Prisco is hopeful that these kinds of events can draw in a crowd and give unsure first-years and transfers some guidance on what they could possibly do during their time at Lasell. Their Instagram account is @lasellcreativewriting, for anyone to follow and keep up with any upcoming events. The club hosts weekly meetings on Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00 p.m. in the Michael B. Alexander Science and Technology Center.

For any athletes who are looking for a simple sport to try out, there’s the Tennis and Volley Club. It is open to any student who wants to try their hand at tennis, make some new friends, or do both. Although the winter months mean that meetings and presence are sparse, it is still quite hopeful that this club will get back on their feet when warmer weather comes around.

Individuals such as sophomore cybersecurity major Matthew Frazer are part of the club, and after the first meeting that took place on Feb. 7, he’s hopeful that better things are coming around. “I like how it’s a relaxing environment, and it’s probably going to be better in the spring,” said Frazer. 

Although the club is young and still finding its footing, the club is still continuing to grow. Their Instagram is accessible at @lasell_tennis2023.

New clubs and organizations are encouraging students who are interested to reach out and get involved. The development of these clubs demonstrates how there is always a place for students on campus to be involved in the things that interest them and inspire them to be passionate.


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